Gratuitous Picture Post

February 14, 2008

Because i feel bad that i’ve been neglecting my blog. And hey, i just realized it’s Thursday, so i guess i can call this my HNT contribution!


i’m very much looking forward to assuming this position tomorrow.


  1. That’s a fantastic photo, Lyn – and some scary-ass shoes!

    xx Dee

  2. Half-naked is not naked enough. But it’s still a treat. a belated Happy Valentine’s day.

  3. Thanks Grey Goose – you can always click on the “pictures” label to get some that are a little more naked…

  4. What a FANTASTIC HNT picture. i am so excited that you get to see your Master soon. Enjoy your time together!


  5. Great photo. So much to look at, but my gaze keeps going to the heels of those shoes. 🙂

  6. have to admit it makes me want to spank that cute ass… 😉 *blush* x

  7. Thanks, trinity-pup! i’m sure my Master wouldn’t mind sharing with you…

    naughty girl – yes, my Master does have a thing for stiletto heels…

    slave2js – it was very good to see Him. Unfortunately, i was sick as a dog with a cold the entire visit, so that limited the amount of fun we could have. Although not as much one might think, given that sex was one of the few things that would actually make me stop coughing…

  8. that is a great picture lyn…you are gorgeous!

  9. Thanks, anonymous!

  10. You have a delicious body

  11. Beautiful pic! I actually saw that someone was using one of your other pics as an icon on LJ. I’m sure this one will be grabbed soon too!

    And I agree…those shoes are scary!

  12. Great photo and i looooove the shoes!

  13. great bottom and yep nice shoes too….must be a great “spankable bottom” lol the way it looks 🙂

  14. A great pic and yet another reason to take out my Feeldoe!

  15. It’s interesting that people comment on the shoes, I didn’t even notice them. In fact once I’d read the comments here I actually clicked back and then saw them and clicked back here to comment.

    Great picture, you have a very nice figure.


  16. Thanks, Lucy (and everyone else who i haven’t thanked already). i lost a lot of weight about a year ago, and i’m still getting used to my new body – i look at the picture and mostly see the flaws. But my Master is a great photographer and does a wonderful job of accentuating the positive!

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