Normal Time

January 28, 2008

My Master asked me to write to Him about what “normal time” would look like for us. We don’t get normal time – we just get visit time, and it’s never long enough for us to remember that it’s almost over. So this is a little piece of what i think everyday submission would look like, if we had everyday.[1]

You’re working, at Your desk or on the couch. i’m on the floor next to You, wearing something cute and sexy, with my ankles and wrist cuffs and collar on. My leash is attached to my collar, and looped around Your wrist or hanging off the back of the chair. i’m reading a book, or working on my computer, or something like that, as You do the same. Just a Master and His slavegirl, finally never having to stop touching each other. Of course sometimes You let me off the leash – when You have to go out, i have to go to the bathroom, something needs to be done around the house, or You want to pose me fetchingly across the room. But most often i’m within leash length, and we both feel happiest then.

[1] i don’t know why we torture ourselves thinking about these impossible scenarios. But mine is not to question, only to obey and please my Master by doing so. And it certainly was a lovely thing to fantasize about for a little while…

One comment

  1. What a marvelous mental image! I wish I had the time to sit at Master’s feet just waiting for his command. It would make a happy subbie indeed!

    However, truth be told, I live with my Master and we don’t really have time for that. What with both of us working, the housework, the meals to prepare, animals to take care of, things to do, people to see, the important aspects of our relationship are transparent to anyone but us and leash time or in waiting is only little snippets of time… much like your visit time.

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