Last night

January 24, 2008

i got ready for bed, thinking about where You were tonight and what that meant for how i needed to orient myself. As i knelt i thought about how much better i felt today, and about all the good things that i was able to focus on. i thought about being Your piss slut, and how much it helps me to have concrete ways to demonstrate my submission.

Thinking about being Your piss slut, i turned my thoughts to Your earlier instructions to play with myself while thinking about that. So, still kneeling, i brought my hands underneath myself and began playing with my nipples as i knelt and thought. My first thought was “ouch, i have sore breasts!” so i think my period must really be planning to come soon. But i continued to rub my nipples, and although they were a little tender, i felt my cunt warm in response. i remembered all the sensations and emotions i’d experienced standing in the bathtub and being Your piss slut just an hour before.

As my arousal grew, i slipped a hand between my legs (still kneeling) and began to play with my clit, moaning softly in pleasure and feeling my body arch and respond to my touch. i always enjoy feeling the arousal that submitting to You brings me, and this time was no exception.

i was getting sore from kneeling, so i lied down on my side, breathing fast and thrusting against the pillow between my knees as my fingers continued to play at my nipples.

i wasn’t trying to come, but i did want to feel my submission very fully, and i never feel so submissive as when i am wet and horny and wanting. i slipped a hand between my legs and rubbed my clit again as i played with a nipple with the other hand. i fantasized about shoes, and realized that i really, really want to be able to go up to someone at a club someday and beg to worship their shoes. Up until now that’s been more in the realm of things i wanted to do to show my submission and because i knew it would be a very hot thing for You, but last night my own desire to do that overwhelmed me.

As i imagined that, the inklings of an orgasm started to approach. i kept touching myself, wanting to experience my arousal fully, and accepting that i would or would not orgasm and that either was fine (at least i hope it was fine with You in keeping with Your recent instructions re. orgasm). i turned my thoughts back to being Your piss slut, standing in the bathtub as my piss ran through my panties and through my hands down my legs. i thought about You pissing on me. With this thought, i found myself on the edge of orgasm, so i begged You aloud for permission. On the edge, on the edge, on the edge, and i opened my mouth and the words spilled out and i begged aloud “please Sir, please piss in my mouth” and crashed over the edge into orgasm.

i caught my breath, put on my ankle cuffs and collar, and drifted off to sleep with thoughts of You filling my mind.

One comment

  1. Beautiful…as always…

    Submission is beautiful…as always…


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