January 1, 2008

(from last week)

i put on the pins as You’d instructed – first two on my nipples, then one around my clit, and then one on each labia. My nipples were already sore from the earlier times, so the clothespins hurt right away. Same with my labia. i had to try a couple of times to get the one on my clit in the right place, but i got it. Then i started watching the clock, and reading the things You were writing to me on IM.

i was moaning and breathing aloud by the time the two minutes was up. First i took off the ones on my cunt lips, crying out a little as i did, then the one around my clit, which hurt a little less. Then the two on my nipples, and i was really gasping and crying with those. i played with my tender nipples, feeling the mix of pain and pleasure travel all the way down to my wet pussy. i was breathing aloud in long shuddering breaths as i wrote to You on IM. Then You told me to go, and i managed to pull myself together enough to get my clothes back on and get out the door.

Before i left the building i stopped in the bathroom to pee. i played with my nipples as i did it, thinking of You watching me, and then i slipped my hand into the stream and brought it to my mouth, sucking off my warm piss, filling my mouth with the taste that reminds me i’m Your piss slut.

Now i’m home, and still horny as can be.

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