Happy New Year

December 31, 2007

2007 will always be a very special year for me, because it’s the year i became my Master’s submissive. it’s nothing that i ever would have predicted on New Year’s Day last year, but it has made me so happy and so fulfilled, and deepened my love for Him more than i imagined was possible. So thank You for a wonderful year, Sir.

Some highlights:

April: We begin, and i learn to love pointy shoes.

May: He gives me the first version of my rules, and writes me the hottest thing i’ve ever read.

June: i meditate on my submission.

July: i realize i’m still holding onto illusions of control and have a profound moment of submission. i feel like a fuck up, but my Master still loves me.

August: i celebrate butt plug day, sing odes to bondage, and get the current version of my rules. Master still loves me, and tells me as only He can. i become a small letter person and think about all that means.

September: i fantasize about sex in sleazy bar bathrooms and think about the D/s arms race. i count down the days to our visit, meet Him on my knees in the airport, and become His piss slut in reality.

October: It’s unseasonably warm, and i try to cool off by fantasizing about ice. It’s a stressful month for us, but i express my need, want and love.

November: Our next visit starts slowly. i win an erotic short story contest, and fantasize about spanking.

December: After a couple very stressful months, i am scared to give myself fully into my submission. But i do it anyway, and remember all that i am missing when an accidental orgasm leads to days of debauchery. My master stops in the middle of fucking me so He can take this picture:


One comment

  1. i love your retrospective, lyn. may 2008 bring you and your sir even more happiness.

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