A toast to absent friends

December 31, 2007

This New Year’s Eve, i’d like to raise a glass of champagne to some great bloggers who are no longer gracing us with their words.

Brooke of Puppy Tales
Brooke was one of my very first readers and commenters. i was awestruck by her blog, how evocative her writing was, how truthful and honest her subject matter. And how devious her Dom. 🙂 i was completely honored when she chose to promote Long-Distance Sub not once, but twice in blog posts, and that definitely helped me attract more readers. i don’t know if you’re still reading, Brooke, but thank you for everything – i think of you every time i have permission to read blogs, because without you at the top of my list, i have to think about where to start.

The English Gentleman, Roper
Many of my first submissive fantasies were inspired by the Vignettes and Snapshots that Roper posted to his blog. i was always amazed at how well he understood a submissive women’s mind. His posts were always titillating or thought-provoking, and often both combined into one. And his Dominant male voice so rare in the sea of submissive women bloggers. i am fortunate to still have the English Gentleman as a friend and correspondent, but the hole left by his absent blog is a very large one.

Married Man’s Fucktoy
The most recent disappearance, i have seen “untitled” (formerly DL’s Toy) posting on a few blogs, and am assured that she is still well. i have to admit that i didn’t read her blog that often – her scenes were dark, and her fantasies even darker, and not always to my tastes. But i respected her honesty and willingness to admit to what she wanted, and her devotion and her submission. i wish you the brightest and happiest future, “untitled,” filled with all the pain and objectification and humiliation you could ask for. i hope we see you blogging again someday.

Richard and Amy of 24/7
It’s been over a month without a post from this amazing couple, although their website is still up. i hope their voices will return to us – the he said/she said blog postings by two excellent writers are so valuable in helping Doms and subs understand what goes on in each other’s minds. And the love that goes hand in hand with their D/s is beautiful to see. As is Amy, captured by Richard’s photographer’s eye. Please come back.

i miss you all.


  1. I join in your toast since all of these blogs are ones I was reading regularly and missing now that they’re gone. I am hopeful that 24/7 will have a post soon but I am sorely missing Roper in particular for all the things you said about his perspective.

  2. Thank you for this toast. i may not be “visible” yet; but i’m writing and keeping up with my blogroll. Sometimes we need some time away, no?

    Cheers right back at you, sweetheart!!

    Formerly toy

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