Body Betrayal, Part 1

December 28, 2007

Christmas night my Master and i were constantly missing each other in email and SMS, and i ended up going to bed without any instructions. For whatever reason – finding my submission again, where i am in my cycle, having free rein to read sex blogs – i was very very aroused that day. My rules say that if i have no instructions i may masturbate, but not come. i never take advantage of that rule, because why on earth would i want to torture myself? But that night it seemed like a good idea – i wanted to feel the need and desire that comes with submitting to my Master. So i knelt and rubbed my nipples, fantasizing about the time i was instructed to masturbate using only my upper body, and how i nearly came just from that.

My cunt was getting slippery, and i wanted to see how slippery, so i took my new-ish glass toy from the drawer and slid it right into my cunt. Oh yes, definitely very slippery. i thought this toy would be pretty safe to use, because i’ve found i have to work quite hard to come with it. Ahem – not this night, apparently. On my knees, it cupped itself perfectly around my pubic mound, with one ball outside on my clit, and the other inside on my g-spot. Just a couple of thrusts and i found myself approaching the edge.

i should have stopped then. But i was enjoying the sensations of my arousal so much, that i decided i would instead just slide down onto my stomach and lie still with it inside of me. But just the weight of my body against the toy (and, okay, some involuntary movement from my hips) was enough to get me right to the edge. i stopped moving, reached down between my legs, and… the very act of pulling out the wand was enough to trigger an orgasm.

i tried to clamp down and stop it, and at first i thought i might have. But then small slow waves of contractions spread out from deep inside of me – a very different orgasm than i usually have, but an orgasm nonetheless. Not a very satisfying one – i was still outrageously horny – but completely against the rules in any case.

i was instantly contrite and regretful, but it was far too late for that do any good. i finished my nightly kneeling and meditation and tried to sleep. But it was a very restless night. When i did sleep, my dreams were filled with my Master and with sex. When i was awake, my cunt cried for my attention and begged me to touch it. Finally, it drove me from bed.

Writing about all of this to my Master the next morning, my cunt was still electrified, so wet my juices were dripping down my thighs. This did not bode well for a day when i had already begged for and been instructed to wear my big butt plug to work.

(Read Part 2)


  1. Whoops! Sounds like a very different type of orgasm to your usual – a shame that for all that it happens unintentionally, it didn’t take the edge off your arousal.

    xx Dee

  2. In fact, it seemed to do entirely the opposite, as you’ll read in parts 2 and 3…

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