First Caning

December 1, 2007

i have two canes. i’ve had them for a long time, tucked away in the back of my closet. One is bamboo, or rattan, some kind of lightweight wood. The other is a flexible springy Delron or some other kind of plastic. Yesterday i pulled them out when Master was visiting my house, and convinced Him that we should bring them with us.

i’m pretty sure i’ve used them on other people (i have previously identified as a switch), but i’m nearly positive i’ve never had them used on me. Until today.

Ouch! And mmmm. It was my Master’s first time using a cane too, so He played around a little, getting the feel of it, and in the end i ended up with four good stripes from the rattan cane, and the promise of more to come. Thank You, Sir.

(i’d post pictures, but i had my pics on Picasa and they got taken down for being obscene. Anyone have a recommendation on a porn friendly picture hosting site? For-pay is fine.)


  1. Ours are on flickr. They seem to be ok with adult stuff provided you have filters set as ‘restricted’ which stops kids stumbling across it.

    You can also set pictures to friends only too if you want.


  2. yep…me too, i use flickr!

  3. I’ve had no problem with Picasa, actually. My albums are set to private, and I only use them to show the images in my blog. Perhaps try that?

    xx Dee

  4. That might work, Dee, but i’m not going to take the chance again. They didn’t give me any warning, just deleted an entire albums worth of pictures. Very annoying!

    i’m in the process of switching over to flickr, which doesn’t have any rules i would be breaking – that seems better all around!

  5. Just don’t ever “find” a dragon cane! *shivers* they are scary… 😉 t. x

  6. i guess i’m curious as to why you don’t post directly to blogger through their uploading program (as i do). i’ve NEVER been censored and if you’ve ever been to my site, you know we walk the edges of S&M.

    Anyway, just thought i’d poke in and say hi (long time reader) and let you know that (rather obviously) i am a cane lover! i would love to see your 4 stripes!

    Happy Holidays!!!

    –DL’s toy

  7. Hey DL’s toy. The pictures you upload through blogger end up on Picasa, and i’m just gun-shy about that right now. On Flickr i don’t have to worry about bending the rules – i can mark my stuff as adult content and know it’s fine. So that’s working for me!

    Thanks for saying hi! With the long Christmas break coming up i’m hoping to get Master’s permission to start getting caught up on all the blogs i’ve had no time to read.

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