Weekend afternoons are for masturbation

October 21, 2007

i like to masturbate. No surprise there. But i’ve never been as avid an ethusiast as some subs i read about. Before i become a collared submissive, i would give myself a lazy vibrator orgasm at bedtime most nights to help me relax and slip off to sleep. But it wasn’t uncommon for me to skip days, or even go a week or more without bothering. During my period, i might sneak in a quick one in the morning to help with the cramps. My masturbation was largely functional.

Weekend afternoons were the one time where i would indulge. Not all the time, but sometimes. I’d go upstairs for a nap and some self-loving. Weekend afternoons, i’d take my time or read some porn or try out an neglected toy. You know – make a special occasion out of it.

In general, my masturbation become much more interesting after my Master became my Master. He cut me off from my vibrator, which was a good thing, as i had become rather dependent, and now i can come in many more different ways than i could before. Plus, i’ve always been fantasy deficient – i didn’t fantasize when i masturbated, i just thought about what i was feeling and doing. He’s helped me learn to fantasize and planted the seeds of lots of hot things to think about. And, because i have to write to Him describing my masturbation sessions in detail, i’ve tended to be more creative and use more toys or different positions.

However, His rules for me only allow me to masturbate or orgasm with His permission. And i can’t even ask for permission to masturbate. My masturbation has really become entirely in His service, and not to do with myself at all. But along with these restrictions came nightly rituals. Sometimes there are masturbation related instructions, like to orgasm to a certain fantasy, or with a certain object, or to masturbate but not orgasm. And always there is my nightly meditation on my submission. And those nightly rituals filled the gap that was left by losing my nightly masturbation habit, and i don’t often miss it, or long for an orgasm for my own sake.

But weekend afternoons are different. i do miss the freedom to masturbate then. i recognize the void because there’s no explicit service to my Master to replace it.

i’ve noticed this for a couple of weeks now, and thinking about it this morning, i asked my Master for a task to do this afternoon. He gave me a variety of things to do for Him, including masturbating and coming to the fantasy of serving as His piss slut, which was an absolutely lovely way to spend some time with myself this afternoon. (And killed two birds with one stone, since i’m having a unpleasant and painful period right now too, and orgasm helps a lot.) Thank You, Sir!

Anyone else have a favorite time to masturbate? Or thoughts to share on how your submission has changed your perspective on masturbation and/or orgasm?


  1. hey missy… did you nick this question from my blog? :-p

    Definitely weekend afternoons are the best… but then that’s not forgetting Fri and Sat nights either…oh and Sunday mornigs… and then there’s the “weeknight quickies” 😉 erm… doesnt really leave out much time does it?!

  2. i didn’t nick… haven’t been able to read blogs in days.

    Just goes to show that great minds think alike.

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