Leg Binding

October 19, 2007

i spent most of my day at work today with my legs bound under my desk. Not nearly so beautifully as in the above picture (taken during my last visit with my Master), but bound all the same. Things have been stressful in our lives lately – our bond is as strong as ever, but there are lots of external challenges that have made it difficult to live our D/s relationship to its fullest. But we will be seeing each other again in two weeks, so my Master has started increasing His control over me, and making me more aware of and focused on my submission.

Today that meant binding my legs with a stretchy headband i keep in my purse for just that purpose. Every time i needed to get up – to go to the bathroom, out to pickup lunch, or leave my office for a meeting – i needed to SMS Him for permission to release my legs. Keeping my legs tightly together always makes me a little bit aroused from the pounding of my pulse in my clit. And every time i got up, i would feel the tightness in my leg muscles, and know that i felt that because i was obeying my Master, and only got this chance to stretch because it pleased Him that i should do so. Every time He allowed me to get up, He would remind me to listen to my heels as i walked, to hear their clicking naming me as His sub and slave.

It was lovely. i had an increased sense of awareness of my place, and a lovely underlying current of submission that ran through my entire day, helping me feel more centered, more focused, more owned. Which is very much what i need to feel right now.

Thank You, Sir.


  1. Gorgeous photo – and I really like the concept of being leg-tied at your desk, needing to ask permission to unbind.

    xx Dee

  2. That’s a GREAT feeling…feeling that control. i know how much i crave my Owner controlling everything i do. So glad you get to see Him again soon

  3. i love that feeling.
    and your picture is lovely.

  4. Thanks, all!

    i wasn’t under similar restrictions today, and the first couple of times i went to the bathroom without asking permission were it seemed just wrong…

  5. I adore those shoes. Would you mind posting info on the brand and style? (Or emailing it?)

  6. wordslut – they really are hot shoes, i agree. Unfortunately, they didn’t fit quite right, so we used them for the photoshoot and returned them.

    They are here:

  7. I want these shoes!!!

  8. Lovely! I like them & the prose.

    Good stuff.

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