A snippet and a picture

October 10, 2007

i’m lying on the couch and He’s fucking me. i’m wearing fishnet stockings and my collar, maybe wrists and ankle cuffs, and nothing else. My legs are up over his shoulder and i’m blissing out on the feeling of him inside of me. Suddenly He slaps me across the face and barks “Why aren’t you wearing your fucking shoes?” He slaps my face again, several times, and then i run off to get them so He will fuck me again.


  1. Great pictures! But does he mean literally, that the shoes are shoes for fucking in?

  2. i am expected to be wearing heels most of the time when He is fucking me, and that time i’d gotten out of bed and been wandering around in just my stockings before He fucked me.

    (i should note that the shoes in the picture are not the “fucking shoes.”)

  3. mmmmm fucking shoes… sounds good to me 🙂

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