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Fantasy: If you can’t stand the heat…

October 9, 2007

It’s hot. Really hot. Neither of us was expecting it to be so hot, and so all the clothes You ordered me to pack are too warm for the weather. But we’re in a walking city, so we’re venturing out anyway, despite the heat.

We get back to the hotel room, and the air conditioning is blissfully cool – for once we’re happy that the maid’s been messing around with the temperature control. But i can’t feel the cold air on nearly enough of my skin.

“Please, please, please, Master?” i beg. “May i please take off these sticky uncomfortable clothes? i’m just sooo hot.”

You tell me i may, and i strip quickly, then throw myself spread eagle on my stomach on the bed, soaking up every bit of the cool air that i can. i know the position i’m in is dangerous, and likely to give You all sorts of ideas, but i can’t help myself. And sure enough, You soon get an idea.

“Don’t move,” you tell me, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

When i hear the hotel room door open and close, i start to get curious. But You’re back before i’ve had much chance to think about it.

“Still feeling too warm?” you ask. i purr, enjoying Your care and attention.

“Yes, Sir. But it’s getting better.”

“Maybe this will help.”

And i feel the shock of a cold ice cube running down my spine. i flinch a little, involuntarily, but the cold just feels so nice on my overheated sweaty skin. You rub the ice cube all over my back, down the middle of each leg, and i start making little moans of appreciation.

“Turn over.”

i do as You ask, unsure whether to dread or anticipate what i know is going to happen next. i turn onto my back, and a fresh ice cube finds its way first to one nipple, then to the next. My nipples get instantly erect and hard, and my cunt lights up in in response. But it’s cold, and i can’t help but thrash a little, trying to get away.

“Lie still,” You order me, Your voice commanding and serious. As you continue to play with the ice cube on my nipples, neck, breasts and belly, it’s all i can do not to squirm, but instead i focus on breathing into the cold, breathing into my submission.

“That’s better,” You say, and i smile, pleased that i am pleasing You, that i am being Your good little girl. Then you quickly run an ice cube down the middle of my belly, and right onto my clit. i let out an “eek” and i can’t help myself, my legs snap together, trying to protect my tender bits from the cold.

You set the ice cube down and force my legs apart. “Do i have to tie you up?” You ask, “Or can you obey your Master and keep your legs apart?”

Shivering – not really so cold yet, but the very idea of it is making me shiver – and terrified of what i am saying, i promise You that i will keep my legs apart. As you return the ice cube to my clit, it takes every ounce of my submissive breathing to stay still, but i do, and i feel myself go deeper and deeper into my submission to You.

You run the ice cube all over my cunt lips, and down to my opening. It’s slippery – a combination of my own juices with the rivulets of melting water from the ice cube – and you slide the ice cube right up inside of me. i gasp, and begin to shudder ever so slightly.

“Oh, that’s beautiful,” You say, slipping another piece of ice into my cunt. As You slip in the third, Your thumb is on my clit, rubbing circles and making me groan with arousal.

“But i don’t want to get the bed too wet. Follow me, slavegirl, and don’t let those ice cubes fall out of your cunt when you do.”

i get up and follow You into the bathroom, tightening my cunt muscles to keep the melting ice inside, feeling the water dripping down the inside of my thighs. You push me up against the wall of the extra large shower stall, and set about seeing how many pieces of ice You can fit into my cunt. Too many, as far as i am concerned, but Your occasional finger flicks on my clit and nipples keep me in a state of arousal that offsets the cold. A little bit.

Finally You’re satisfied that i’m full, and You tell me to hold my legs tightly together. You step back, and lean against the wall. “Now, slavegirl,” You command, “Play with your nipples. And don’t stop until all that ice has melted and run down your legs.”

There’s a direct current from my nipples to my icy cold cunt, and as i rub my nipples, the growing heat in my cunt causes the ice to melt even faster, and water runs down the inside of my legs. i’m moaning with arousal, and can’t stop my hips from bucking as my attention to my nipples makes me want to come so badly i nearly can’t stand it. And all the time, You’re just standing there watching me, enjoying my mixture of arousal and discomfort, enjoying the view.

Finally, the drips slow and stop. “i think it’s done, Sir,” i gasp out. “i think it’s all melted.”

“Let me check,” You say, and You slide one finger, then another into my cunt. “Oh yes, all melted,” You say, and You begin to press Your fingers rhythmically against my g-spot.

“Please, Sir, please,” i beg, “May i please touch my clit?”

“Oh yes, my little slavegirl. Are you going to come for me?”

And as you speed up the thrusts of Your fingers in my cunt, my fingers rub my clit furiously, and then i am begging You for permission to come, begging for permission to give You my orgasm. “Yes. Yes you may. Do it NOW,” You command, and i do, screaming an orgasm that echoes in the enclosed space of the shower stall.

Spent, i slide down the wall and collapse on the floor of the shower. “Feeling cooler now?” You ask.

“Yes, Sir.”