Pain and pleasure

October 8, 2007

A few more memories and pictures from my last visit with my Master.

Wonderful flogging #1 – Kneeling next to the big daybed/couch, with my upper body stretched across it and my ass up in the air. This was shortly after my piss slut meltdown and was exactly what i needed to get back into my body and back into my submission. And after several long weeks of no physical contact, it was exactly what He needed too. i think one of the most surprising things about this journey for my Master has been how badly he wants and needs to hurt me.


Wonderful flogging #2 – For this one, i was bound to the same long bench that He’d used to make me his lunch table. Just as things were getting their most intense, He pushed the vibrator between my legs and the pleasure and pain mixed gloriously. He finished off the scene by putting clothespins on my hot red ass – ouch! – and then flogging them off. Mmmm.


Fingernails, Redux – It’s our last morning, and we’re just waking up. My arm is stretched above my head, and his fingers are running long sensuous strokes down my arm and my side. Long sensuous strokes that turn to long scratching swipes, and i’m crying out as He scratches me hard, repeatedly, down my arm. It’s not as difficult for me as the last time – probably because it doesn’t last as long, even though i think the actual scratching is even harder. And when He stops, it’s followed by some spectacular sex, with the rare (maybe first time?) occurrence of me coming while He’s fucking me.

One comment

  1. such beautiful marks they are such a treat for the master and the voyuer

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