October 6, 2007

At the restaurant, we’ve faced our usual problem – we’ve become nearly incapable of sitting across from one another. Neither of us can stand to not be touching for the duration of an entire dinner. So he pulls His chair around to my side of the table, and we manage to squeeze in. But it’s a tight fit, and i end up getting a run in my pantyhose. We finish dinner, and head back to the hotel.

He’s feeling me up in the taxi, and suddenly he gives me an order. “Take off your pantyhose.” i get over as directly behind the driver as possible, so he won’t see what i’m doing. i slip my heels off, shimmy my tight skirt up, shimmy my ruined pantyhose down, and hand them to him. He balls them up and puts them into a pocket.

His hand goes to my cunt. “Oh, you are wet, aren’t you?” And i am. He’s rubbing my clit all the way back to the hotel, and by the time we are walking down the hallway to the elevator, i can feel the moistness from my cunt between my legs. When He starts rubbing my nipples in the elevator, i’m practically dripping. Somehow we make it down the hallway to the room, and then He’s pushing me onto the couch. There’s no undressing – He just drops His pants, pushes the skirt up a little bit, and thrusts His cock into me. My legs are up over His shoulder as He fucks me. i’m bent in half, and He leans over me and spits in my face and into my mouth. Not to humiliate me or demean me, but simply because He wants to and He can. Then He somehow manages to reach around and slap my clit as He fucks me, mixing the pleasure and the pain. i want more, need more, and i beg Him to fuck my ass. But He tells me it’s not time for me to be his ass slut yet. My legs are are in the air for what seems like forever, but eventually we changes positions, and He comes, with my hand rubbing His cock up and down as i lick His asshole and balls.

He doesn’t even let me wash my face before we head down to the hotel bar for a nightcap. i can smell His spit drying on my face as we walk into the surprisingly deserted bar. We grab a couch in the corner, and order our cocktails. i spread my legs, and He slips his hand up my skirt to finger fuck my pussy, completely bare under the skirt. He starts off tentatively, but then he’s using multiple fingers and moving in and out of my slippery wet cunt, all the while keeping an eye on the approach of the server. We talk about fisting, and the fact that His hands are rather large. “I think about it sometimes,” He says. “I want to hear you cry in agony.” By the time we finish our drinks i can’t wait to get back to the room.

He can’t wait either. He pushes my skirt up over my ass, revealing me as we walk down the hallway towards the room. He pushes me up against the door and starts finger fucking me in earnest, right there in the hallway. i’m rubbing my clit and He tells me to come, but i can’t. He opens the door to the room, pushes me inside, and then up against the wall. i beg Him for my dildo, so i can give Him the orgasm He’s asked for. He fucks me with the dildo while i rub my clit, standing up and pushed against the wall. Someone’s fingers are on my nipple (his, mine, who knows?) and soon i’m begging permission to come. He tells me to do it, and i scream my orgasm, a wild and keening cry that i’m sure can be heard in all the neighboring rooms.

Somehow He gets me over to the bed, and i’m being fucked again. The arousal and pleasure are so much – too much – that i just don’t know what to do. i’m deep in slutspace, and my hands flail helplessly as He fucks me until He comes.

Thank You, Sir.


  1. Mmmm, yes, I know that feeling.

  2. It’s the subtle and not-so-subtle exhibitionism you describe that really makes this post work for me. Delicious!

    xx Dee

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