Schoolgirl, Revisited

October 3, 2007

The little red schoolgirl skirt was as much of a hit with my Master as i’d hoped. Here’s some choice bits from His photo shoot of me wearing it.

Such an innocent little schoolgirl.


But what’s that under her shirt?


Maybe she’s not so innocent after all.


Looks like she’s really just a shoe fucking slut.



(And, if you haven’t seen enough of my cunt yet, please head over to Shay’s The S Spot, where another revealing shot of my tender bits is currently being featured in CockCuntBlogging Wednesday!)


  1. Oh my – those are delicious photos! Why are all your blogging admirer’s hiding rather than commenting? Perhaps they’re off having some ‘me’ time after seeing these 🙂

    xx Dee

  2. hello;-)..im new to your blog..you emailed me a couple times tho..ive just had a hard time linking you to my new blog;(..im hoping i figure it out….anyways…i love these pics…i cant imagine how exciting this was for You to do this for your Master..i have yet to meet my Master in person..i hope to soon …i would love to do this for Him…ive enjoyed reading every post of yours…im glad i found you….its a def turn on looking at your pics…i need to check out the other ones….

    sub laci xoxo

  3. Hi, laci, and welcome – i totally owe you a response to your last email, and i’ll do that. i keep thinking of it and then forgetting.

    i love posing for pictures for my Master. it’s one of my favorite things!

  4. Excellent pictures. Thank you.

  5. mmmm lovely pics!! such an innocent schoolgirl… 😉

  6. Ooh you filthy madam… I might have to go and get some shoes out myself now 😉

  7. Lyn those are so damn hot to this bi sub slut! Makes me want to go buy some new shoes, among other things!

    The little bruise on your leg added much to the pictures as well. It is those little touches that make homemade porn much better than pro stuff!

  8. Thanks, Nouveau! Sadly, i always have bruises on my legs – but just because i’m a klutz, never from anything fun!

    Have fun shoe shopping. 😉

    If you liked that, you might like this post.

    i should have linked to it in the pictoral – i think i’ll do that now…

  9. Very lovely pics – the skirt looks awesome spread open by the way your legs are restrained.

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