Breakfast in chains

October 2, 2007

Friday morning was our last day together and we had a destination breakfast planned. My Master instructed me to wear my wrist and ankle cuffs under my clothes. i’ve worn the ankle cuffs before, but never the wrist cuffs, and i was really stressing out about it. They were either too bulky under the cuffs of my shirt, or slipping down below the cuffs and able to be seen at my wrists. i was still fretting about it when we went downstairs to get a taxi.

Distracted as i was about my cuffs, somehow it never occurred to me that my Master had been talking about having me in chains in public. So it came as a complete surprise to me when He pulled out two clips and a length of silver chain in the taxi and connected my wrists to one another.

i pulled my sleeves down as far as i possibly could, and held the chain and connectors in my hands as we went into the restaurant. i could barely think about what to order, and was stumbling over my words and unable to make up my mind. i was sure that everyone in the restaurant was looking at me, and would see the cuffs and the chain, see me looking like a freak. i held the chain tight, being sure not to jangle and attract attention.

The waiter brought me a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and placed it where orange juice usually goes. Way across the table, at least from the perspective of my chained wrists. i stared at it, unwilling to reveal my wrists and my chain in order to get it. Stared at my Master, eyes shooting daggers at Him for displaying me, shaming me this way. It was only after He looked me straight in the eye and ordered me to drink my orange juice that i carefully crept one hand across the table and pulled the glass closer to me, and then up to my mouth to drink. It is rare that my Master gives me a direct order like that, so i knew he was very very serious about his expectations and i had better comply.

Breakfast came. My bagel – the one i’d been anticipating all week – was served with the cream cheese on the side. Which meant i was going to have to spread it myself. It took many deep breaths, and many furtive glances around the room before i finally picked up a piece of bagel and my spreader. Even so, i was practically spreading the cream cheese with the bagel in my lap. Master was very amused throughout, while i was feeling angry and defiant, stomping my feet from time to time like a little child.

It was the longest breakfast ever, but finally it was over. i carefully clutched the cursed chain in my hands as we left the restaurant and got into a taxi back to our hotel. In the taxi, Master looked over at me, sitting ever so still, tense and uptight, and asked me “Would you be so afraid to jingle if i bought you bangly bracelets?” And at that, i finally realized that it didn’t matter what other people thought. The cab driver, those people in the restaurant, they were never going to see me again, but this man across from my was my Master and my Owner. And finally i relaxed, and submitted, and accepted my role as His slavegirl in chains.

But i still clutched my chain ever so tightly when we got out of the cab and went back into the hotel.


  1. fabulous!! i would love to experience breakfast in chains… or any other meal, if i’m honest! i am so glad you had such a great time!

  2. Thanks! i have to say that in the moment, i really wasn’t enjoying it at all, i was just so stressed out about it! i got over it, but boy – i was really mad for a little while there.

  3. its funny isn’t it how the reality of something is completely different to the fantasy! i am sure this was one of them!

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