September 27, 2007

i’ve got lots to write about, but Master has been taking some pictures, so i sort of want to wait so i can post the pictures with the relevant posts. But i’ll share some snippets and previews.

Right now my wrists and ankles are cuffed and chained. i have my collar on, and am otherwise naked. i’m curled up in a “nest” i’ve made for myself on the absolutely fabulous piece of couch/bed furniture in this room, while i wait for my Master to get back from work.

There are 7 pairs of women’s shoes in this room right now. All are high heeled. All but one pair are black. Does that seem excessive to anyone but me?

“Don’t move. And don’t talk. Tables don’t talk.”


  1. Excessive? No Way! I’d love to jump into a swimming pool full of shoes, all in my size of course!

  2. wow…. sounds like you’re having a ball!! i’m very envious! 🙂

  3. sub nouveau – does it seem anymore excessive if you know that those 7 pairs of shoes are for a 4 day, 3 night visit?

    trinity-pup – a ball was certainly had. Lots more later, i’m sure.

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