Airport Greeting

September 26, 2007

i barely slept a wink Monday night, the night before i left to spend 3 nights and 4 days with my Master. So i had no problem getting out of the house and to the airport in plenty of time to check in and get to Master’s gate. But then the security lines were very long, and i was having a problem with my shoes, and i began to worry that i was not going to get there on time. Fortunately, i was only a couple of gates away by the time He texted me that He had landed and that if i wasn’t at the gate when He arrived i’d be punished.

i even had time to fix my shoes and adjust the clothes Master had instructed me to wear for Him (red button down shirt, black lace bra, black g-string, black stockings, short-but-not-too-short black pleated skirt, 4-inch black patent stiletto heels). i posed myself fetchingly directly across from the jetway door. i stood there, waiting as patiently as i could. And then He messaged me again.

I want you at the gate, kneeling, when i get off my plane.

i did a double take, checked the message again. Looked around at all the people waiting to get on that very same plane. What would people think? He couldn’t really mean for me to do that, could he? But of course He did. i am His slavegirl, i hadn’t seen Him in many many weeks, this was how He wanted and deserved to be greeted, and it was not mine to decide.

i took my suitcase and went back into the gate area. i acted as nonchalant as i could. i stood with my suitcase for a moment, pretended my feet were sore, then carefully dropped down to my knees. I leaned casually against my suitcase, like this was just a totally normal thing to do. i didn’t look around much, so i don’t know if anyone was staring. i just waited to serve my Master.

When the door opened, i pushed my suitcase to one side and dropped my hands down to my sides. i consoled my shame with the thought that i wouldn’t have to wait long, since Master almost always gets upgraded to first class, and so is usually one of the first people to get off of the plane.

But as the disembarking passengers filed past me one by one, i realized that Master had his own ideas about how long a slavegirl should wait for her Master, and how long she should be displayed. My Master was the last one to come out of the jetway.

i blushed as He paused just through the jetway door to look at me. His eyes traveled up and down my body, and He smiled and nodded His approval. And then He came over to me, gave me His hand, and pulled me up and into His arms.


  1. What a yummy start indeed!! i can’t wait to read more…

  2. What a great way to start your trip together! Look forward to hearing more!!! Have a wonderful time!



  3. Wow. I really don’t know that I could ever do that – big kudos to you!

    xx Dee

  4. Dee – the more i do things like this the more i am amazed at what people just don’t notice. Or, even if they notice – what are they going to do about it? “Officer – there’s a woman on her knees over there, stop her!”

    Knowing that makes it much easier to obey my Master. i’m never going to see those hordes of people again, but i serve my Master every day.

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! We are having a wonderful time so far.

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