My submission

September 23, 2007

1. my heart feels my submission – i am happier, more content, and more complete now than i have ever been before. i have more patience. i am more focused. i love You deeper and with more passion than i knew was possible.

2. my body expresses my submission – It gives me great pleasure and joy to embrace all the little trappings of femininity for You. You have made me into a girl, and i cherish and welcome that.

3. my mind is filled with my submission – You have taught me how to fantasize, and filled those fantasies with things i never imagined dreaming about, let alone wanting with such overwhelming desire.

4. my cunt pulses with my submisson – my sexuality has been transformed in countless ways. my orgasms exist only for You now, but they come easier, in more ways, and with more power than ever before.

5. my clothing reveals my submission – with every piece of clothing i put on, i am reminded that i am Yours, that i am owned. Every morning i dress for You, and every morning i embrace the opportunity to see myself through Your eyes and to do my best to please and surprise You.

6. my need is my submission – every cell of my body yearns for You, yearns to serve You, to be taken and used by You, to be Your slavegirl and Your property. i need to be Yours, in every way that You demand of me, and at any time You require it.


  1. What a beautiful list. Brought tears to my eyes, because i feel the exact same way about my Owner.

    Fantastic job.



  2. Thank you!

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