Of bathtubs, and peeing, and submission

September 20, 2007

Preface: a couple weeks ago my Master had me pee my panties for Him while standing in the bathtub of my hotel room. He never told me to post about it to the blog, and i was a little embarrassed and ashamed, so didn’t feel a driving need to post it on my own! But today i was given a task of peeing standing up in the shower again (no panties this time), and then told to post my email about it to the blog, so i figured some background was in order. Oh, and i guess i should add that He hasn’t ever peed on me. Yet. He assures me that He will, and in the meantime, He has implanted the idea of it firmly into my fantasy life.

Your slavegirl went into the bathroom, and stood naked in the shower, with no water running. she tried to pee, but nothing happened. she imagined You telling her to pee for You, to pee for her Master. And still nothing happened. Like last time, she was surprised at how difficult it was – she pees standing up in the bathtub all the time when she’s actually there to shower. Why is this so different? she thought about peeing for You last time. she focused on relaxing, submitting, letting go. And finally a little pee came out. Then a little more. In fits and spurts, Your slavegirl peed onto the bottom of the bathtub. The sound of her urine splattering on the bathtub aroused Your slavegirl. She imagined it was the sound of Your urine, dripping off of her body after You had peed on her. The acrid smell of her urine rose up to her nose, and once again Your slavegirl imagined that it was Your pee, not her own, and she breathed in deeply, imaging that smell on her body. In her mouth.

Finally, Your slavegirl was finished. She stood in the shower, breathing loudly through her mouth from her arousal. She turned on the water then, and as she stood under it she washed her pussy, surprised at how slick she was there, both from writing about her evening rituals for You, but also from this most recently completed task for You.

Thank You, Sir, for allowing Your slavegirl to express her submission to You with her body in so many different ways.


  1. *blush* I always pee in the shower. Is that bad?



  2. i pee in the shower all the time, too. But that’s *while* i’m showering. Standing in a dry bathtub, feeling your pee run down your legs and pool up by your feet is an entirely different experience. And one that makes me feel very submissive!

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