For his pleasure

September 20, 2007

Before Your slavegirl went to bed, she read her rules and reviewed her instructions. When she got upstairs she knelt next to the bed in her stress position, so that she could be centered and focused on her submission as she masturbated for You. she got up from her kneeling position and got into the bed, and started playing with her nipples. her cunt began to get hot and wet, and she thought about how she was preparing herself to serve You.

Your slavegirl took a clothespin from her drawer and clipped it around her clit. she flicked and tugged at it with one hand while playing with her nipples with the other. Then she just left it there on her clit while she played with her nipples again, and felt her arousal and wetness grow. As she masturbated, she imagined You playing with her in the taxi on the way to the hotel next week.

Yours slavegirl took two more clothespins from the drawer, and pinned them to her nipples, remembering the many wonderful times that You have pinned her, and how owned that makes her feel. she lubed up the dildo and shoved it into her cunt with one push and began to fuck herself with it, while flicking the clothespin on her clit with the other hand. the slavegirl felt her an orgasm approach, begging for release. She stopped playing with the pin at her clit and – still fucking herself with the dildo – she reached up and took the pins off of her nipples. Then she reached down and unclipped the pin from her clit. Still fucking herself, still experiencing the feeling of readiness for her Master, for You, experiencing the knowledge that her orgasms are for You alone, and at Your pleasure. Breathing hard, she left the dildo in place in her cunt as she rubbed her nipples, so sensitive from the clothespins. One hand reached down and began moving the dildo in and out again, and soon, even though nothing was touching her clit, the slavegirl felt the need to orgasm come on very strongly, and she pulled the dildo out of her cunt as quickly and directly as she had put it in. She felt her wetness splash onto her legs as she did so.

Your slavegirl was very wet, very submissive, and very eager to please her Master. she lied in the bed, twitching and gasping, thrusting a little against the air. As she began to come down, she reached her hand back down to her cunt again, and rubbed her clit, still so sensitive from the clothespin. Again on the edge, again wishing You were here to see Your slavegirl, preparing herself to serve you, the slavegirl finally stopped.

Cunt still grasping and pulsing, legs still slick with her wetness, Your slavegirl slipped out of the bed and knelt, thinking about serving You, thinking about how she is Your owned property, how every bit of her belongs to You. Thinking about being eager to please, hoping to be rewarded with an orgasm, but then remembering that her pleasure and her orgasms are for Your pleasure, and that her reward for pleasing You might as easily be pain or humiliation, if that is what You wanted from Your slavegirl.


  1. i cannot even begin to explain what a profound effect this entry had on me. This was so eloquently written, and just moved me more than i ever thought.

    Thank you, for sharing this…your Master is very lucky to have such a great sub as yourself.


  2. Slave2JS – thank you! My Master was also quite taken with my writing today, as you can see from me posting 3 different things!

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