A morning fantasy

September 20, 2007

Early this morning i was lying in bed with insomnia, trying to go back to sleep. Sleep wasn’t really working, so instead i started thinking about my Master hog tying me and pressing the vibrator up against my clit. i wondered what it would be like to have the vibrator on me after so long of not using it – would i come right away without being able to help myself? would i indeed come more than once, as my Master hoped, and beg him to take it away and let me stop coming? i thought about other things He could do to me while i was hog-tied. i imagined Him putting the dildo in my cunt. And the butt plug in my ass. i thought about how owned and submissive it would make me feel to have all of my holes filled, so next i imagined Him putting the ball gag in my mouth. My cunt was getting very wet from all of these delicious thoughts. i imagined being bound like this on a table, like last time. i imagined Him blindfolding me like that, a bound and gagged slut, and leaving me on the table while He worked, or watched me (i wouldn’t know, with the blindfold). i imagined wearing a remote control vibrator tucked against my clit, and every so often He would turn it on so that I could better amuse Him. i imagined moaning and thrashing and writhing there in my bondage.

One comment

  1. What a fantastic fantasy!! certainly makes me very wet thinking about all of those things too… i think i need to do something about it now… 😉

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