September 17, 2007

My Master asked me to create a list for Him of the 10 things i most crave. If i could only have 10 things, what would i want them to be? Here’s the list i sent him last night.

1. Your slavegirl craves being able to be completely focused on her submission, to reach the point of subspace where she thinks only of pleasing You, and not of anything to do with herself.

2. Your slavegirl craves being flogged or spanked until she’s quivering and inarticulate, in order to (presumably) reach the aforementioned level of subspace. Your slavegirl craves having the marks of that to remind her afterwards of who she belongs to, and that You can do anything You want to her.

3. Your slavegirl craves You playing with her with clothespins, because she knows You like it so much and she wants to please You, and because it makes her feel very submissive and owned.

4. Your slavegirl craves being dressed by You, as an outward sign of Your complete and utter possession and control of her mind and body. And because she knows You enjoy it so very very much and wants to give You that pleasure.

5. Your slavegirl craves Your lips and Your kisses, because she adores Your mouth and wants to spend hours and hours kissing You.

6. Your slavegirl craves the sight of her cuffed legs up over Your shoulders and the feeling of Your cock in her cunt as You fuck her like that, because she is submissive, wet, and anxious to please, and that position makes her feel so deliciously taken and used.

7. Your slavegirl craves being displayed to and/or made use of by others, so that she can demonstrate her devotion and submission to You that way. And also because she is a very slutty little girl.

8. Your slavegirl craves the feeling of Your hand stroking her hair, comforting or rewarding her, and telling her she is Your good girl, because she wants very much to please You and when You tell her she is a good girl, then she knows that she has and that You love her.

9. Your slavegirl craves being made to do things she doesn’t want to do or that are difficult for her (like peeing in her pants, having You pee on her, or having You scratch Your name into her ass), because she knows that it will help her deepen her submission to You and she wants nothing more than to give herself to You completely.

10. Your slavegirl craves being Yours, really Yours, 24/7, so that she can serve You and be used by You whenever You want her.


  1. Hey,
    i’m a newer reader of yorus, not quite sure if i’ve spoken up yet but had to comment on this. This is absolutely stunning and parallels very closely what my list of 10 would be as well. Beautiful and what a lovely submissive you are!

    DL’s toy

  2. thanks, and welcome! i’m glad you liked it!

  3. Awesome lyn…

    Just awesome!

    So glad to be getting to know you!



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