Third Person

September 16, 2007

In my “small letter person” post, i touched on the ways that language contributes to how i feel my submission. That post was about capitalization, but it goes beyond that. On our very first weekend together as Dom and sub, my Master trained me to use very specific language – in that case, it was to answer questions and instructions to beg with the phrase “Please let me be Your slut” and variations thereof. He was teaching me to change the way i thought, and to give up my wants – so instead of asking “Please fuck me” it was “Please let me be Your slut.” It took me most of the weekend to get it right, but it contributed to a profound sense of submission that stayed with me for days after.

Today, my Master has a couple of times instructed me to write something in the third person – my nightly meditation report and an apology i needed to write him. Once again, i have found the requirement to shift my language a profound reminder of my submission. Writing about myself in the third person makes what i am saying less about me, less egocentric, more focused on him and focused on my submission. It’s hard to explain, but i feel it very much when i am writing that way, and when i re-read it now.

Last night Your slavegirl knelt next to the bed, facing east towards her Master. she knelt on her knees and her forearms, with her forehead on the ground. As she knelt, she thought about serving her Master in just over a week, and practiced placing herself in the submissive space that will let her release fear and expectations and simply serve. she remembered her Master telling her that He was going to do things to her there that she wouldn’t want and wouldn’t like, but that He was going to do them anyway. And she thought about how that would feel. She thought about something He’s mentioned – binding and gagging her and putting her in the closet. And how that worried her, because it seemed like it could be a dangerous thing to be unseen and unheard. But then she reminded herself that her Master will take care of her, and would never do anything to endanger her. And she relaxed into that thought, let go of fear, and thought about relaxing into that silent bondage as well.

The slave girl felt her Master’s love all around her and all through her, like a blanket insulating her from fear and hesitation and concern. she thought about how He is with her always, even when they are separated, because she carries a piece of Him in her heart. she touched and kissed her wrist, where His bracelet – His mark of ownership of her – usually lies. And even though it’s missing right now (soon to be returned), she could still feel it, still feel His love and ownership encircling her, embracing her, making her His.

she knelt up on her knees, back straight, and she rubbed her hands over her body. She imagined His hands on her, her hair, her face, her neck, her breast, her belly, her cunt, her legs, her feet, her back. Feeling fully owned, she slid between her sheets, to sleep and dream of Him.

In my small letter person post, thisgirl wrote about her use of the third person, and at the time i thought maybe that would be kind of distancing. That the “outside looking in” angle would insulate a sub from really feeling their submission deeply. But now i find that it is completely opposite.

Thank You, Sir, for this new opportunity to experience my submission.

Edited to add: Master tells me that in the future i am to write these referring to myself in the third person, but using the second person to refer to him (ie. “You”). He wanted me to change it, but he indulged me when i asked if i could *please* leave it this one time, so as to maintain the integrity of my carefully written prose.


  1. It is the opposite. When i first started writing like that it made it easier for me to think and write like his submissive and be more open about my feelings and hold less back I think 🙂 xx

  2. I think there is also a component of recognizing how much it arouses and pleases your dominant. I know for me that once i see the submissive take to the language and really embrace it, it becomes increasingly erotic. Once she witnesses how much it turns me on, she embraces it more, and so on.

  3. Deity – i agree. And the feedback loop you describe applies to all aspects of the D/s relationship. When i started wearing heels, waxing my pubic hair, and in other ways becoming more “girly,” i was doing it because my Master instructed me to. But seeing his reaction to it and how much it pleases him, now i want to do those things even more – his pleasure becomes my reward in an increasingly tighter loop.

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