Fantasy: A man walks into a bar…

September 10, 2007

i’m perched on a bar stool at some sleazy joint, wearing stiletto heels, a skirt that’s really more of a belt, and a button down shirt unbuttoned one button too far. i’m sitting by myself, with an empty drink in front of me.

But i’m not alone – my Master is sitting in a booth across the room, watching me. i can feel His eyes on me, even as i face forward and pretend to be fascinated by the dizzying array of liquor bottles behind the bar. And I’m not sitting by myself for long either, as a tall lanky man settles into the bar beside me, asks what i’m drinking, and orders a round.

We chat, the usual small talk of strangers in strange places. Where you from? What are you doing in town? How long are you staying? We’re flirting too – touching hands and arms, laughing a little too loud at the other’s jokes. We finish our drinks, and he asks me if i’d like another. i lean my mouth into his ear, run my hand up his leg, grab firmly onto the hard cock in his pants and whisper “No, what i’d really like in my mouth is this cock. Now. Go to the bathroom – i’ll meet you there.”

He gives me a double take, but i squeeze his cock again and he must figure that at this point he’s got nothing to lose, because he gets up and goes. i look across at my Master and He nods. i’m scared and aroused and feeling at once very submissive and very powerful as i prepare to do this thing He’s asked me to do, to give a stranger a blow job in a bar.

i walk down the hall to the back of the bar and slip into the men’s room. Tall lanky guy is standing there, awkward and nervous, but with a huge bulge in his pants. “I wasn’t sure you were for real,” he says, and i push him into a stall and begin to undo his pants.

I’m not sure why i’m bothering with the stall – this is such a sleazy joint that the stalls don’t even have doors. But i like the illusion of privacy. i drop his pants and then his underwear, and his cock springs out. It’s long and lanky, like his body, and as i push him down to sit on the toilet and kneel in front of him, i imagine it is my Master’s cock that i am taking into my mouth. My Master’s cock that i am licking, sucking, running my fingernails up and down. i run my tongue around the underside of the head of his cock, paying special attention to the little divot where the shaft and the glans meet. i slide my mouth down his cock, but he’s too long for me to take all the way. i do the best that i can, though, and he certainly seems to be enjoying himself.

And then i hear the bathroom door open, and i hear a familiar voice. His voice.

“There you are. You little slut!” He storms. “I can’t leave you alone for 15 minutes without you needing to find something to put in your mouth, can i?”

The man i am sucking tries to stand up, and his cock softens in my mouth. “Dude, i didn’t know. Fuck. I’ll go.”

“No, stay,” my Master says. “Let the slut finish what she started. But i’m going to give the little whore what she deserves.” He unzips his pants, kneels behind me, pulls my panties down to my knees and drives His cock into my wet and waiting pussy. The man in my mouth looks around for a moment (wondering if he’s on Porno Candid Camera?), but his cock is already hardening again with my renewed ministrations, and he decides to stick it out.

My Master’s cock is driving against my cervix, and i’m grunting and moaning around the cock in my mouth, completely aroused by two cocks in me at once. But the stall is crowded and awkward, and my Master has something else in mind. He pulls me up and pushes me out and down onto the floor of the bathroom. He tells the man to fuck my face, and he does, kneeling over me and driving his cock into my open mouth. Master enters my cunt once again, and as He drives into me He pulls open my shirt and pinches my nipples hard through my lace bra.

i’m nearly overwhelmed with sensation. Pain in my nipples. Pleasure and pain mixed at my cunt as my Master drives into me over and over again. Mr. Long and Lanky has stopped looking for hidden cameras and is abandoning himself to the moment, and i’m gagging around his long cock as i try to take it all. But i’m not so overwhelmed that i don’t notice the sound of the door opening again, and two male voices saying “Whoa!” and “What the fuck?”

The hammering at my cunt and mouth doesn’t end, and when i open my eyes, i see two more men, standing over me, cocks in their hands. I’m mesmerized by the motion of their hands moving, stroking themselves. Their cocks – one pale, short but thick, the other black and long – grow harder as i watch, and pre-cum oozes from the tips.

i come back to myself, when the man in my mouth pulls his cock out and shoots his cum all over my face and hair. The voyeurs take that as their cue, and i feel a rain of semen on my arms and belly. Mr. Blowjob rolls off and collapses in a pile on the floor, and finally i can see my Master’s eyes. i stare into them.

“Whose slut are you?” He grunts between thrusts.

“Yours, Sir.” i respond.

“That’s right,” He tells me, and driving even deeper into me He finally fills my slut cunt with his cum.


  1. Very wicked indeed. Very sexy. Can I buy you a drink sometime? LOL

  2. Sure. Is there a suitably sleazy bar in your neighborhood? 😉

    Thanks, Roper.

  3. I’m panting from reading it! I love this fantasy — we’ve played around with this scenario before and it’s just hot no matter how it plays out.

  4. Very hot fantasty, and nicely written as well!

    xx Dee

  5. […] While i’ve not seriously considered actually being the center of an actual gangbang, it is a hot fantasy for me, and reading about other people’s gangbang experience always turns me on, so this was an […]

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