More Pictures

September 6, 2007
Another busy week with no time to post much. So here’s some more pictures for your viewing pleasure…





  1. Phew!

  2. Lyn, this may be the wrong thing to say to a submissive woman, but you are admirable. I wish I had a possession like you. Thank you for the blog, and the lovely pictures.

  3. anonymous – even submissive women like compliments! My Master wouldn’t have me post pictures here if he didn’t want me to be admired. So thank you.

    roper – Phew? i guess i’ll take that as a compliment too…

  4. nice pictures again. How are you doing???

  5. i’m doing well. Just very busy with life. But (literally) counting down the days – i’ll be seeing my Master in just over two weeks and i’m very excited!

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