Not your usual sex toy

August 22, 2007

Today i am doing “pussy reporting” for my Master. i have to tell Him each time i go to the bathroom, scratch an itch, notice myself getting wet. Anything that happens to my pussy. Last time He did this, i had hair growing in from shaving and i was itchy, itchy, itchy. So i had lots to report. But today’s been a quiet day for my pussy – no unusual itches, only a couple of bathroom visits, and i’ve been focused on work, so no arousal to report either. Master was clearly disappointed with my reports, so He decided to make things more interesting. i got an email:

Find something to stuff down your underwear. Something you’ll notice. Keep it there for at least an hour.

i had no idea what “something” should be. i asked Him, and He told me to be creative – He didn’t know what i had at my desk.

i shuffled my papers, looking for something that might be interesting. And i spotted a Koosh ball. It hangs out on my desk and i pick it up occasionally and toss it around when i’m thinking about things and need some distraction. It seemed like the most interesting option, so i unzipped my pants and stuffed it into the black g-string i’m wearing today.

Oh, my. It’s got a combination of firm and soft that does quite interesting things. i’m wearing tight pants today, so they are pressing the firm center of the Koosh up against my clit. i can feel my pulse pounding in my clit in response to the pressure. Within minutes, my cunt juices started literally dripping from my pussy – i’m sitting in a pool of them right now. If i move around, then i can feel the strands of the ball tickling various bits of me.

Needless to say, my pussy is no longer having a quiet day. i’m absolutely desperate to play with my nipples, but i don’t have permission. i’d ask, but my Master? He’s gone out for dinner. Back in a couple hours.

20 more minutes if i only go the minimum of one hour. i might have to tie my hands behind my back.


  1. OMG lyn! who knew a koosh ball could be so much fun!

  2. I know what I’m going to buy this weekend!! Thanks!!

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