Dinner Party

August 22, 2007

Last night my masturbation instructions were to masturbate twice to almost orgasm and imagine my Master denying me release, and then a third time to orgasm if i could get there submissively (Rule 3). i was to do it while fantasizing about all the ways i could serve as his slavegirl if he were hosting a dinner party.

i went upstairs and knelt naked next to the bed. i started playing with my nipples while i thought about His dinner party scenario. i imagined myself dressed in revealing black lingerie and wearing high heels, greeting guests at the door, taking their coats, getting them drinks.

i kept playing with my nipples, and then my clit. i wanted to keep having both hands on my nipples, so i put a clothespin around my clit. i continued like that for a little while, thinking more about the dinner party, about my body being on display as i walked around doing my various greeting duties.

Then i took my purple dildo out of the drawer and put its base on the floor, straddled it and fucked myself with it while i flicked the clothespin and felt it tugging at my clit. After a couple minutes of this i took the clothespin off and rubbed my newly sensitive clit directly, and as orgasm approached for the first time, i imagined that i was providing entertainment to my Master’s guests. i imagined that one of them was fucking me with a dildo in front of all the others, and as that person brought me close to orgasm, i cried out to my Master for permission. i imaged him saying “No, not yet, the night is still young.” And in my fantasy and in reality, the dildo was withdrawn.

i sat back on my haunches, breathing hard and resting for a couple minutes. Then i started again. i took the big butt plug from the drawer, lubed it up and inserted it while i rubbed my clit and thought about kneeling under the table during dinner, occasionally being thrown down bits of food while i rubbed myself appreciatively against the guests ‘ legs, like a cat would.

Butt plug in place, i put the clothespin around my clit again, more directly this time so the sensation was sharper. Then i took a high heeled shoe from my drawer, kissed it and sucked it and licked it, then fucked myself with the toe of it, all the while feeling the butt plug in my ass and flicking that clothespin on my clit. i imagined being my Master’s plate – lying on the table and having Him eat His food directly off my body. i took off the clothespin and rubbed myself to the edge of orgasm again, this time imagining that one of His female guests was entertaining herself by fucking me with the toe of her shoe, still on her foot. Once again i asked my Master if i could come for Him, and again He said “No, not yet.” i imagined His guests laughing a little at my arousal and frustration as the woman removed her shoe from my cunt.

Another pause, and this time i moved up onto the bed, because i was actually having a little bit of trouble keeping the butt plug in, lubed up as it was and in my kneeling position (surprised the heck out of me when it popped out!). Lying on the bed, i fucked myself with the purple dildo, enjoying the feeling of being full in both holes, imagining that it was two cocks in me. But that was really a fantasy for another time, so instead i thought about lying facedown on the table as a centerpiece on the table, a dildo in my cunt and the end of a candle stuck in my ass as a plug. And every time the wax would drip on me i’d squirm and my Master would tell me to be still, but the squirming would move the dildo in my cunt and make me that much more aroused, making it even harder to stay still. i put clothespins on both my nipples, kept fucking myself and rubbing my clit, and then i was on the edge again. This time when i cried out “Please, please, please Sir, please may i come for You,” He finally said yes, and then it was as if my entire body exploded.

Thank You, Sir.


  1. That’s a dinner party I’d like to be invited to!

  2. Roper – i’m sure you’d be an excellent guest to have at such a party!

  3. Oh my, isn’t it wonderful when you can let your imagination get so far out there, and then know that there’s something further, ever further?

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