August 20, 2007

Between the cold and the rain, i was chilled to the bone. A hot bath was just the thing to heat me up. i climbed into the bathtub, and as the water warmed me, my cunt warmed with thoughts of how i should best masturbate for my Master that night – what position to be in, what toys to use. i had no doubt that an orgasm would come to me in my submission. i was so grateful to be granted permission, that with every touch of the washcloth on my pubic mound i was reminded that my body belongs to Him, and that i had only been given leave to play with it.

As i thought about this, my hands strayed to my nipples. i knew that in my current state of arousal, it wasn’t going to take me long at all to give Him an orgasm once i started to masturbate in earnest, and i wanted to extend it – feel my submission in this way for as long as i could. So i thought i would get myself nice and aroused before going downstairs to finish up on my computer and say good night. i know He likes to see me in my want and need and denial, and i wanted to put myself there for Him.

The water splashed on my nipples in time with my fingers, and soon i was gasping. One hand slipped down to my cunt, rubbing circles on my clit, until my pussy tightened in need and want. i stopped, savoring the sensations of waiting for Him, prolonging my arousal a little longer for Him.

i thought about getting out of the tub, but instead my fingers found my nipples again, and with a flick-flick-flick i was soon back at the height of my need. i thought again about what i might do for Him, thought about filling my ass with my biggest plug, preparing and readying myself to serve Him with that ass, to open it to His cock when He asks it of me.

Filled with the need to serve, i pinched my nipples as hard as i could, wishing i could make it hurt like He does, wishing i could make myself cry out in agony and ecstasy as i do at His hand. But try as i might, i couldn’t make it really hurt. As i thought about self-inflicted pain, i remembered His comment that i needed to get a proper spanking hairbrush, and as i imagined myself spanking my own cunt with a hairbrush for Him, i was overtaken by the need to give Him myself, give Him my orgasm, right then, and right there.

Thoughts of hairbrushes reminded me of swapping childhood masturbation stories with the girls the other night, and their singing the praises of the plastic hairbrush handle. i leaned out of the bathtub and grabbed mine from the drawer. i shoved it deep into myself, savoring its hardness, remembering the hardness of my Master’s cock as He slams it into me. i imagined it was Him fucking me with a hairbrush handle, or a liquor bottle, or some other object. Imagined us out in public, Him grabbing whatever was handy and pushing it inside my slut pussy, fucking me like that for everyone to see, saying “Look at this slut, she’s so desperate for a cock she’ll fuck a hairbrush handle if she has to.” And then i was calling out to Him for permission, and then His orgasm rocketed through me. And i could feel the aftershocks in the clenching of my pussy causing the brush i was still holding in my hand to twitch, and in my finger, still pressed to my clit.

And then i slowly floated back down to earth, singing thank You’s and i love You’s in my mind. Thank You for owning me, Sir. Thank You for allowing me to serve You in my pleasure as well as in my pain. i love You, always and completely, with every cell of my being, in every possible way.


  1. the delights of the hairbrush, a very handy piece of kit

  2. Hi, my daddy’s really angry at me because I came without his permission 😦 so as my punishment I have to tell as many people as I can about my blog.. I have to write in it everyday about everything I have to do… http://imdaddyslittleslut.blogspot.com/

    Daddy’s Little Slut x

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