The Rules

August 18, 2007

My Master has recently revised my rules. They now incorporate a bunch of things that were previously expected but unwritten, or scattered throughout emails. It’s much better to have them all in one place, and He managed to include all the little details while still keeping them philosophical – grounded in his thinking about our relationship rather than simply a detailing of my expected behavior. i got them yesterday morning, and i just thought they were so beautiful – i was anticipating a very stressful day at work, and these started my day with a big smile.

1. I own your sexuality, and everything that happens to it. You are to tell me about everything: every sexual thought, every sexual deed. In detail. Everything. This includes things about yourself, things about others, comments in your blog, websites you visit — everything. You are forbidden from reading D/s blogs without my explicit permission. When you do have permission, you are to send me links to everything you read and the comments you leave. In addition, you are to send me a link to any other sexually related blog posts you read.

2. I own your dress. You are to dress for me, within the limits of your day’s activities and schedule. Sometimes this might mean a small token, sometimes it might mean a lot. It always means consideration. You are to treat this ritual with reverence, especially regarding the clothes I have purchased for you. They are mine just as you are. Each morning you are to write and tell me what you are wearing and why you have chosen it, and include a full-length photograph if at all possible. When we’re together I will dress you as I please, regardless of where we are going or the weather.

3. I own your orgasms. You are never to come without permission (unless [spouse] initiates sex.) When you are to masturbate or come, you will receive instructions to that effect. You are not to request permission to masturbate or orgasm, with the exception of “medical related” orgasms during menstruation. If you don’t receive any instructions — either because I don’t send them to you or there is an e-mail issue — you are allowed to masturbate but not to orgasm. Whenever you masturbate, you are to do so in a submissive manner. Even if you are allowed to orgasm, you are forbidden to aggressively seek orgasm; you may only take one if it comes to you in your submissiveness. You are to write to me about it every morning.

4. Every night, after masturbation if you do so, you are to spend some time on your knees meditating on your submissiveness, my ownership of you, and anything we talked about or did that day. You are to kneel facing my direction, wherever I happen to be in the world. In the morning, you are to write about it.

5. When you wake up in the morning, first thing, you are to send me a short “good morning” SMS or e-mail. If you cannot write to me about the previous night and your day’s clothes in the morning, you are to send me a short e-mail telling me when I can expect your writings. Or an even shorter SMS.

6. I own your mind. You are to communicate as much as possible. What you say and write is to a be true reflection of what is in your head and your heart. You are not to write something because you think I want to hear it, or because you think it fits into the “scene,” or because it’s what you’re trying to make yourself believe. You are not to edit your thoughts, or only tell me things you think I want to hear. You are to be completely open and honest — and exposed — to me at all times.

7. I own you throughout your day. You are to tell me the schedule of your day, every morning. If things change, you are to tell me. You are also to inform me, as best you can given the realities of your life, when you do things: when you leave the house, when you go into meetings, when you leave work, and so on.

8. When you receive instructions via e-mail or SMS, you are to carry them out immediately, given the realities of your day. You are to promptly write me with details when you are done, including photographs if required, or an explanation of when you can do them if you cannot.

9. You are to treat me with proper respect. You are to address me as “Sir,” and observe proper capitalization protocol in your e-mails to me and in other areas of your D/s life, such as blog posts and your e-mails to contacts from that life. This includes capitalizing “You” and related words, “He” and related words, “Sir,” and “Master.” You are to refer to yourself only in the lower case, and the tone of your e-mails and your phone conversation are to reflect your status.

10. You are to carry your cellphone with you at all times, as well as your smart balls and your anal plug, within practical limits.

11. You are to practice in your highest heels regularly. You will have to wear them when we’re together, and I expect you to walk properly and gracefully.

12. Before visiting me, you are to shave your underarms and legs, and follow my instructions as to the treatment of your pubic hair and your nails. When we are not together, you will maintain grooming appropriate to your dress.

13. When we are together, I own you completely and totally. I control everything about you: every aspect of your body and mind. You are my sub, my slave, my slut, my pet, my toy, and anything else I want you to be. You will do everything I ask without question or hesitation, both in private and in public. This ownership and control will take different forms at different times, but it is mine to decide.


  1. much prettier than mine *smiles*

  2. my Master is an author, and it shows very much in the rules.

  3. Sir is ex military and it shows in his terseness. You will do this, you wont do that. lol

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