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August 18, 2007

Here is my Master’s response to my post on my love for him. Reading it made me cry. Is it any wonder i love Him so much?

I am so filled with love for you I can hardly keep from bursting.

I love you with the full force of my dominance. I want to cover you completely, flowing over every bit of your surface with myself. I want to seep through you, covering every piece of you with myself. I want to force myself between the world and every one of your senses, and between every piece of you and every other piece of you. I want the world to flow through me into you, and for you to flow through me back into the world. I want everything you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, think, and feel to include me. I want to be the medium through which you experience the world and yourself.

You are my sub, my slave, my slut, my pet, and my toy. I love you fiercely. I want to control you and protect you and expose you and release you — all at the same time. I want you to be secure in my love for you, and for you to find ultimate peace in your submission to me.


  1. this is so lovely again lyn. It makes me so jealous as i am not allowed to even say “i love you” to Sir.

  2. i’m sorry to hear that, katie. it seems that there’s almost a “style” D/s where love is verboten. Obviously that’s not a style that would work very well for my Master and i, and i’m sorry you’re unhappy about that part of your relationship.

    Last night He told me that He “loves me like a cocoon around a caterpillar” and i thought that was just adorably cute. Especially since we talk a lot about the ways that my submitting to Him is a transformation. Not unlike a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

  3. i think it is a very good description. I have certainly blossomed under Sirs care. Although he wont allow me to say it, and he certainly doesnt say it to me, he shows me that he loves me so i am actually OK with the situation.

  4. katie – glad to hear you are OK with it. if there’s anything that D/s shows, it’s that there are many, many different ways to express love!

  5. Gosh it seems like forever since i’ve been able to check in on all my blogging friends. i am glad i did today. This was beautiful!

  6. Thanks, brooke! He really does have a way with words…

  7. This was amazing lyn. i almost cried myself. to know that someone loves you so completely, so fiercely, must be a wonderful feeling. i hope someday, i will have this all encompassing love as well.

  8. sym – it certainly is wonderful. i hope you have it someday too!

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