For my Master: 5 reasons i know I’m Yours

August 13, 2007
i crave Your control. i want You to make me do things i don’t want to do. i want to do them for You.

i feel right when i submit to You. It makes me more peaceful, more centered, more relaxed.

Sex is better when i submit to You. You push all my buttons, give me more pleasure than i’ve ever experienced.

i am driven by the need to please You. Being Your good girl makes me ridiculously happy.

You know me better than anyone. You understand me better than anyone. i am compelled to tell You more and more about myself, to reveal myself completely and utterly to You.


  1. i find myself accidentally writing the lower case ‘i’ in real life these days…i’m trying to make sure i stop.

  2. i have a post coming up on becoming a small letter person, and i’m sure to talk about that there! i’m having the same trouble – i can see how some subs might just adopt a eccentricity of using small letters everywhere just to avoid the inevitable mistakes. i’m less worried about the occasional lowercase “i” than i am about the uppercase You – seems that would stand out much more…

  3. I personally dont think it is that important. If you love and respect someone, how does the case of the letter matter. My submission is in my person not in my use of language. I am his, it really is the thought that counts.

  4. katie – i’ll have a lot more to say on the whole letter thing in a blog post soon – suffice it to say that i used to think the whole thing was utterly ridiculous, but i’ve found that it really does make a difference for me. YMMV, of course!

  5. lol, i wasnt trying to be provocative lyn. it is just that it has no place in my world. Everyone to their own , thats what makes the world go round

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