Playing with toys

August 12, 2007

My Master has become increasingly fond of toys. When we first started, He was happy just using His hands – and a good hand spanking (particularly on my cunt) is, i think, probably still His favorite. But He’s been dipping into the toy bag more and more, and i’ve been the lucky recipient of His target practice. There’s a little red flogger with tails of a semi-soft sort of plastic material. Stingy, and wonderful for warming up my skin. The heavy suede flogger is all thud. It’s almost like a massage, and when He would swing it between my legs and kiss my clit with the tips i didn’t ever want Him to stop. The riding crop – clearly He doesn’t need any more target practice with that one, because He is already perfect at hitting the same spot over and over and over again, making me yelp louder each time. And then there was the heavy wooden spoon that made me yelp even louder than the crop.

i love sitting down after a flogging, feeling the sting in my ass that reminds me that i am owned. And this time, the sting on the insides and outsides of my thighs too, which was a new experience for me. The intensity of my Master’s need to hurt me surprises both us at times, and i wish i could be there with Him more often, to take the pain when He needs to give it. i am His little pain slut, and i love that He loves me for it.

One comment

  1. Toys are the best bit !!

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