August 10, 2007

i was waiting in the hotel room for my Master to return, and i got a text message to dress in my black sheer bra and panties, and put my ankle and wrist cuffs on. When He got back to the room He tied my wrists together behind my back and had me kneel on the floor, resting my upper body up against the side of the bed.

i had no idea what to expect as I knelt there, and then Master came up behind me and put His hands on my shoulders. Which felt nice. Him scratching my back felt nice too. But then He started to scratch harder, and harder. i yelped and struggled, but of course He didn’t stop, and i couldn’t go anywhere, bound as i was.

He played with me like that for a long, long time. Sometimes scratching, sometimes just digging His nails deep into my flesh. Now, i’m something of a pain slut – i like to pretend that i am not, but the truth is that i can take a lot more pain than i think i can. At least, i can when it’s flogging, or spanking – even the cunt spanking He likes so much and which can hurt so exquisitely. But this was different. This hurt. This really, really hurt. There was no rhythm to fall into, just this searing pain of nails on my skin. Every so often He’d stop, and i’d catch my breath, relax, hope He was done. And then He’d start again and i’d give a little scream. Or a louder one. Loud enough that eventually he put the ball gag on me.

And still it went on. i was submitting, but it was a difficult submission, one that was being ripped out of me. it was an angry submission. i was kicking my little feet like a child, groaning and roaring from behind the gag, humiliated by the drool streaming out of my mouth and into the blankets on the bed. i was sure that any moment i would feel blood trickling down my back, it hurt so very much.

i’m sure Master was talking to me, because He likes to do that. By the time He stopped scratching me and started flogging me instead, i was flying so high on endorphins that i really don’t remember the rest of the afternoon. But i remember the pain. i remember Him taking what He needed from me, and knowing that it was His right to do that. That i am His property, to use as He sees fit and as i need to be used. i remember feeling completely, utterly owned, completely, utterly His.

One comment

  1. oh god, the pain of being scratched. i fully agree, it is a horrible kind of pain. One which just doesnt go away and the lack of a rythm was really accurate as well. It always amazes me that i am not dripping in blood.

    Rules are nearly done lol

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