Happy Belated Butt Plug Day!

August 9, 2007

I hope everyone enjoyed butt plug day yesterday.


You say it wasn’t butt plug day for you? You mean my Master came up with that special for me? Well aren’t I a lucky little sub!

As I’ve mentioned here, we’ve been having some ups and downs lately in the D/s aspects of our relationship, and how to balance that. My Master had been feeling off his game for a wide variety of reasons, and because the feedback loop in D/s is so tight, I’d been off mine too. Which was throwing him further off his, and so on.

But this week he has taken a much firmer hand with me, and we are both much happier as a result. Tuesday was No Panties day, and yesterday was Butt Plug Day.

He made sure to tell me about it Tuesday night, so I could build up some anticipation/fear about it. He likes playing with my brain that way. The fear was because he got a new butt plug for me, and so far my experiences with it had been on the painful side. When he sent me home with it from our recent trip, I knew he was going to make me put it in myself, and I wasn’t sure I could do it. I *really* wasn’t sure I could do it at work!

But he started me off easy, telling me to put in my littlest plug and wear it for about an hour. This is the one I carry in my purse at all times, and it’s cute and comfortable, and slips in so easily it has a tendency to pop out. But he told me to bring my medium and large butt toys with me, so I knew there was more to come.

The medium toy is actually a small dildo, not a plug, but it’s the only insertable I have that’s midway between tiny plug and new plug. And so it was that I found myself in my office putting lube on my dildo and carefully inserting it into my asshole. God, I feel like such a slut writing about this!

That toy is a little too long to be really comfortable wearing, but I adjusted how I was sitting and managed it. While wearing it did make my cunt pretty wet, it was more something that I endured than something that I enjoyed. But enduring things for my Master makes me feel very submissive, so that put me into a good headspace for…

The big one. I know some of you are laughing at me calling this one big, and in the relative scheme of things it’s not all that big really. But it doesn’t have a very tapered head, which means it’s a lot to get in all at once, especially for my poor near-virgin butt! I begged my Master to let me masturbate while I was putting it in, and thankfully he said I could.

At noon I went into the bathroom, took out the medium one and started to insert the big one (I think I need names for my butt plugs). It definitely helped to have been stretched by the other one, but I needed a little more help, so I did use my other hand to play with my clit a little bit while I pushed the big plug in and out, gently working it in. Then all of a sudden *pop* and the thickest part was past the sphincter, whereupon the rest just slid right in. A little discomfort, but no actual pain. Hooray!

If I thought I was wet before, I was really wet now. The last one had made me feel submissive, but this one made me feel both submissive and slutty, and quite aroused. But I was at work, so for the most part I had to focus on what I was doing, although I did get to rub myself through my pants every once in a while.

Although I only had to wear it for a half hour, I ended up keeping it in longer – the shape makes it pretty easy to wear. But eventually it did get a little uncomfortable, so I got to take it out. But the fun wasn’t over yet… Master told me to put the little one in when I left work, so I got to wear that when I was out grocery shopping.

As the grand finale of butt plug day, I was instructed to masturbate while wearing the big one. With my big purple dildo in my cunt, the big plug in my ass, my finger on my clit, and my mind firmly focused on the knowledge that this was an orgasm for him, not for me, I came hard with a long keening cry. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have his cock in my mouth, so I could be full in every hole.

And so endeth the tale of butt plug day. I’ve never been so aware of my asshole before. Never been so aware of who owns it, who it belongs to, whose pleasure it exists for. But now I am. I am my Master’s mouth slut, and now I am well on my way to being his ass slut too.


  1. happy butt plug day to you too, lol.

    Can i go all old and fuddy duddy nurse on you at this point please.

    Butt plugs are designed for you your ass cause they have a lip at the end. Dildos dont have that lip so are very dangerous to let go of when they are in your ass.

    I used to work in A and E (ER to you) and we had a box of things that had been fished out of peoples arses. As you get aroused it goes into spasm and things without a lip disapear.

    I am all for submission and humiliation but not on a exam couch with a bunch of people examing your rear end.

    There endeth the lesson. Feel free to delete it if you wish.

    But it was said with love xxxx

  2. Don’t worry about me, Katie – the dildo i was using has a broad base on the end – it wasn’t going anywhere!

    But i do appreciate the concern.

  3. I am no big fan of butt plugs, but I do have to giggle that your large butt plug is my small and friendly one.

  4. wordslut – i know, i know! i’m such a wimp. i expect it will become my nice and friendly one soon – it is really comfortable once it’s in – it’s just the getting it there that requires a bit of a knack.

  5. Funny coincidence that you had a butt plug day, because yesterday I went shopping at my local Babeland to buy toys…you should try the Tristan for a real stretch.

  6. swordfish155 – enjoy your new toys! i looked at the Tristan on Babeland’s website, and it’s the same width as the Ryder, and the Ryder is actually longer. Unless you’re talking about Tristan 2, in which case all i have to say is, god i hope Sir don’t ever want to do that to me.

  7. Oh you made me laugh so hard!!! Just had my first butt plug experience the other day and I’m still too embarrassed to post about it!

  8. […] Master and i are a little beyond the beginner phase for anal play (does anyone remember Butt Plug Day?) but she is such an engaging and entertaining presenter that we figured it would be a good panel […]

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