Fantasy: Trust

August 8, 2007

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, sir,” I answer and your hands – only a moment before draped casually across my throat – began to press ever so slightly against the sides of my neck.

You lean in to kiss me, and I kiss you back. I am growing lightheaded, and I can feel my instincts kick in, telling me that I am in danger, and need to get away. You feel my body tense, and letting up on the pressure, you once again ask “Do you trust me?”

I nod, afraid my voice will betray my uncertainty.

“Then let go. Put yourself in my hands, my sweet little sub.”

“Yes, sir,” I whisper.

But your hands don’t go back to my throat. Instead, they move to my breasts, your thumbs moving back and forth over my nipples through the sheer black bra I am wearing. As I begin to gasp and moan and writhe, you once again kiss me, thrusting your tongue in and out of my mouth, devouring me with your lips.

One hand moves away from my nipples, and then I feel it at my pussy, pressing the head of the vibrator against my clit.

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, sir.” A gasp this time.

“Then come for me, my sweet sweet sub. Come for me, little girl.”

And, in what feels like one fluid motion, you switch on the vibrator, bring your hands back up to once again constrict the bloodflow in my neck, and bring your mouth to mine.

Sensation overwhelms my fear, my panic reaction, and my orgasm rises alongside the lightheadedness and darkness and tingly sensations of having my oxygen flow cut off. And then I am coming, and then I am breathing, and then I am held safe and warm in your arms.


  1. Love the blog! I was wondering if it would be ok if I added it to my blog list of blogs I read?
    Please let me know, I’m at novicemiss@gmail.com

    Thanks again for writing.


  2. nothing beats a good orgasm, especially one with a bit of fear

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