Wrecking a hotel room to the tune of an Ani DiFranco Song

August 4, 2007

Here we are, my Master and I. The world is our oyster, 3 nights, 4 days, and – wouldn’t you know – I’ve got my period. But we’re managing. Sure, he couldn’t finger me on the dance floor at the ultra-hip club we went to last night, but he could pull up my skirt and rub my clit in the middle of the crowd. And bite the back of my neck. (Mmmm.)

But our hotel room is certainly a little worse off for it. We wrecked – wrecked, I tell you – the bed this morning, when I left a bright red spot that soaked straight through the sheet and got to the mattress pad. We ripped both off of the bed in order to save the mattress. But then there was more sex later, and they still hadn’t made up the room, so blankets got pulled halfway back on, and towels mixed in and thrown around the room, and there’s a spot on the carpet and more on the bathmat… Well, you see what I mean. And why all day I’ve had this song running through my head.

and i’ve got a lack of information
but i got a little revelation
and i’m climbing up on the railing
trying not to look down
i’m going to do my best swan dive
in the shark-infested waters
i’m gonna pull out my tampon
and start splashing around

‘cuz i don’t care if they eat me alive
i’ve got better thing to do than survive
i’ve got a memory of your warm skin in my hand
and i’ve got a vision of blue sky and dry land

I love him. I love him more than I knew it was possible to love anyone. He is the absolute center of my universe. Our relationship has its own share of shark-infested waters, but here we are, splashing around in them together.


  1. I have a suggestion for you: the Instead cup. (No, this isn’t spam. I just like ’em.) It can be worn during fucking and will keep mess to a minimum, especially when the flow isn’t too heavy to begin with.

  2. i wish i could have seen the look on the maids face! i wonder if they think a crime took place…

    i always just call that time of the month, ‘blow job week.’ i’d rather suck His cock than anything in the world so it works out well for me!

    That is a cool thing wordslut! i am going to have to look into that…but then i might have to give up a few blow jobs.

  3. Wordslut – I know all about the Instead cup, but I use an IUD for birth control and they are considered incompatible. Too bad, cause it seems like I’m always on my period when my Master and I get together, and it totally messes with all our public sex plans!

  4. his pet – I do love sucking his cock, but I love him fucking me even more. Fortunately, we can have both!

  5. I started using contraceptive injections because i alwas seemed to have a period when i was due to meet Sir. I can think of nothing more humiliating than kneeling in a corner with your arse stuck up and having a little tampax tail. I can honestly say i nearly died of shame.

    With the injection though i only bleed for a couple of days every 10 weeks or so. It is great. Only downside is exposing your bum for the needle when it is covered in cane lines. lol everything has a downside.

  6. Katie – I can’t stand hormonal birth control. It totally fucks up my sex drive. But I am thinking of switching to a different IUD, one that has a little bit of hormones in it and has the side effect in most women of minimizing periods or getting rid of them altogether. That would be great! Although assuming my cycle stays the same (24 days – doesn’t that suck!) I won’t be on my period the next few (potential) times I might see him.

    I don’t have any hangups about periods, so I really didn’t find it that humiliating for him to see my tampon tail. But I definitely felt my place when I was having to ask him when he was likely to want to use my pussy again so I would know which size tampon to choose!

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