A Little Shoe Shopping

August 2, 2007

I’m sitting here at my Master’s feet. He’s working on his computer and is letting me work on mine. So far we are having a wonderful visit. Today we went shopping for a pair of heeled sandals for me to wear with my new micro-mini skirt. The sales person was being very helpful and pulled up my jeans to help me buckle the straps on the sandals. Fortunately, she didn’t bat an eye at the leather cuffs I was wearing underneath! I must have turned about 6 shades of red, but otherwise played it as cool as I could! The new shoes are very sexy (mine are black, not silver), and I’m looking forward to wearing them out with my Master this evening.


  1. Nice shoes! i love shoes with high heels.

  2. Monique – my Master loves shoes with high heels, and he is training me to love them too! 3 months ago I didn’t own a single pair of heels and would have sworn I couldn’t walk in them. Now I have something like 6 pairs of heels in my closet and last night, I went out dancing in those 4-inch stiletto sandals! It’s a whole new world…

  3. my first master was really into high heels, i used to go from my army boots to stillettos. That took some adapting to after a hard exercise. I didnt own any flat shoes for six years.

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