Five Reasons I Know I’m Property

July 26, 2007

1. My Master has control over my dress – I dress first to please him, and only incidentally to please myself.

2. He has control over my behavior – I am bound to do anything and everything he asks of me, anytime and anywhere.

3. He has control over my body – and I have a mark of his ownership on my cheek right now.

4. He has control over my sexuality – I do not touch myself sexually or orgasm without his permission.

5. He has control over my mind – he makes me want things I never imagined myself wanting, like fucking myself with a shoe, or having my cunt spanked with a belt.


  1. These are 5 very good reasons! 🙂 Have a nice weekend! :*

  2. Isn’t being controlled the hottest thing ever? Especially the mind control…my Master is sooo good at that.

  3. I second that “pet”, mind control is the key to submissive satisfaction.

  4. And the key to Dom satisfaction too, at least if mine is any indication! He tells me often that taking my body is easy – it’s my mind that he really wants.

  5. absolutely. it would be very boring for the Dom, if we just did everything with a smile and a yes sir. Then it is just kinky sex. it is only when there is an element of resisitence and cohersion that you are really submitting

  6. Katie – Master and I discuss that a lot. I think he savors resistance less than many doms do – although maybe he just thinks he would be happy with a perfectly compliant sub!

    He has used the phrase “consensual brainwashing” to describe what it is we do, and I think that’s a very apt description.

  7. Consensual brain washing, that is very accurate. Sometimes it doesnt feel that consensual though lol

  8. An interesting list. I was wondering how a lot of the things on your list work from a distance. We have a lot of things that have changed over the years as our circumstances changed and I was wondering how you work these things into your day to day life without having your Master nearby.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. EmmaK – we are still figuring out how best to work these things from a distance. A lot of the “hows” are detailed in the rules he has given me – I send him a lot of emails, daily pictures, etc. And although we are long-distance, we have been very lucky right now to have been able to see each other ever few weeks since this began. We will see what happens over the next two months, though, when we’ll be not just separated, but several time zones apart too. Neither of us is looking forward to that, but hoping we can find ways to maintain this strong connection we have.

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