July 23, 2007

I am seeing my Master later today, so I have been forbidden to come for a few days. But I was instructed to masturbate last night, using only my upper body. Here’s what I wrote about it to him this morning.

As I moved around the bedroom packing, my anticipation about seeing you built and built. By the time I finished, I was quite aroused.

I knelt next to the bed, without touching myself, and just felt my submission. Felt that yearning in me to do anything to please you. And then, because I knew it would please you, I started moving my hands over my body. First just rubbing my skin, not touching anything that could be considered an erogenous zone. Then I started moving my hands lightly across my nipples. I ran my wrist across them, feeling the little tug of your bracelet catching on their points.

Then I started to play with my nipples in earnest. Both at once, guaranteed to drive me crazy with desire. I flicked, and twisted, pinched lightly. I licked my fingers and imagined them as tongues on my nipples, lamenting, as I always do, that my breasts just aren’t large enough for me to be able to suck on my own nipples.

With every flick of my fingers, it was like an electric current running straight from my nipples to my clit and my cunt. My cunt got wet, my clit fluttered and danced and begged me to touch it. I got hotter and hotter, and I kept going, thinking all the while not of what my fingers were doing, but of my mouth around your cock. Of my legs in the air over your shoulders, with your cock pounding into me while I cried. Of you spanking my cunt while I counted out each stroke for you. Of you flogging me as I writhed and moaned.

Fingers rubbing and squeezing, I spoke aloud, thanking you for owning me, thanking you for making me yours, thanking you for making me your slave girl. My pussy got hotter and hotter, my clit more and more demanding, and finally I just had to stop, it was too much. I dropped down into a lower kneeling pose to recover and catch my breath.

But I wasn’t done yet. I put my pajamas on and got into bed, and I started again, this time rubbing my nipples through my pajamas, the indirect sensation being easier to tolerate for longer. Thoughts of serving you filled my brain, and I grew more and more aroused. My pussy was on fire, flittering and jumping, begging me to touch it. Tensing and relaxing, trying to pull something – anything – inside of it to fill its aching need. My breath came faster and faster, I moaned and bucked, and the lightest touch of the sheet on my pussy pushed me ever higher. The intensity grew and grew, and finally I had to stop, for fear that I might actually come from that alone.

I held the palms of my hands tight against my nipples, still hard as nails, feeling them poking into my palms, inviting me to touch them more. I held my palms there for dear life, choosing with every second that passed to keep them there, to submit to you, to not listen to my begging cunt and its demands that I touch myself, just a little bit, give it just that little bit of pressure that would give it what it wanted, what it needed.

But I need to submit to you, and I do that by obeying. I do that by being denied. I do that by thinking of only you, and what you want, not what my hungry, greedy slut body wants.

Only after the fire was mostly slaked did I reach down below my waist. Not to touch my clit or masturbate in any way, but just to indulge my curiousity about my wetness, to feel the slickness against the smoothness of my freshly waxed, hair-free skin. I knew my pussy had been getting wetter and wetter as I tormented myself for you, and I touched the the outside of my labia around my opening to see what I had done. My finger came away coated with my slippery juices, and I licked them off, tasting my submission in salt and tang.


  1. Talk about an attention getting title! i have to write about masturbating too sometimes. i find it hard to do. You are great at it! Wonderful post.

  2. Thanks, Brooke. I have to write an email like this every morning, so I have *lots* of practice writing about masturbating!

  3. Lyn, i tagged you on my site as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. i hope that is ok! If not, ignore it.


  4. I hope you dont mind a swear word on your comments but that was fucking hot. Lol, i will tone it down if you want but it seems to be my day for finding really pussy wetting posts. First brookes fine dining and now your nipples. I feel another begging phone call coming on “please Sir, may i cum”

  5. katie – swear words are just fine around here, no worries. I’ve been known to use them myself – maybe even during the scene I described, when I wanted to come so goddamn badly!

    I’m glad you found it hot! thanks!

  6. the man on the phone said “no”, so i will just have to clean the house with a wet aching pussy thinking of your damned nipples lol. No wonder brooke tagged you for this post.

  7. Beautiful. What a hot account of tensions, passion, and yearning. I love it.

  8. Your post inspired me to go back and read your archives. You are an amazing submissive… every dom(me) should be so lucky.

  9. Quips & Chains – thank you! I’m glad you liked it.

    Catalina – You are very sweet! I am trying very hard to be a good submissive, and I am blessed with a wonderful and loving Dom who inspires me to please him in every way. I certainly make my share of mistakes, though!

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