Fantasy: A couple of quickies

July 19, 2007

Some quick fantasies from the last couple of days.


We are in Paris. You take me for a private fitting at a a very exclusive lingerie shop, where we have the entire place to ourselves. There, I am carefully measured and fitted, and I try on many different outfits that they have available, walking along the miniature catwalk and displaying myself to you. You pick out the items that most pleased you and place an order, then we leave.

A few days later, a package arrives at our hotel, containing your selections, sized just for me. There is also an address and a time for that evening. You dress me, in a beautiful bra and panty set under a black dress, and off we go. It turns out to be a very exclusive restaurant, and as we enter, they take your jacket and point me to a small dressing room, with instructions to take my dress off. I do, and as we enter the restaurant, I see that all the other couples are similarly attired. Women in beautiful lingerie are everywhere, seated on pillows at the feet of their Masters. We are shown to a table and are seated the same way.


We’re in a sex club, and I’m on my knees, wearing nothing but a lace bra and panties. And around my neck, a sign reading “Free Blowjobs (5 minute limit).” A line of men forms, waiting for me to service them. I do the best I can in 5 minutes, sucking, licking, using my hands, and then I’m on to the next one, the point of the time limit being for me to service as many men as possible. You are standing by with the stopwatch, and every so often you pet my hair, and lean down to whisper in my ear what a good girl I am being, doing this for you.

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