Sub under glass

July 18, 2007

I get off very much on being an object to my Master. Although it makes me squirm and blush, I like very much when he appraises me, scrutinizing my every bit. Fortunately, he likes to look at me as well.

Before our last visit, he was out somewhere and saw a large glass table with tie points. He told me that he’d been fantasizing about putting a bench under that table, lying me on it spread eagle with my arms and legs tied, and then proceeding to eat a nice leisurely meal with me as his decoration.

The room we were staying in during our last visit had a coffee table of much the same design, and so it was that I found myself lying underneath it, naked, wrists and legs bound to to the corners. Master was sitting on the couch next to the table, with his laptop on the table, working. Occasionally I would notice him looking at me. Even more occasionally, he’d reach down under the table and stroke my hair or face.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on my submission to him, on pleasing him and serving him in this way. My thoughts soon started to wander, though, and I imagined being the centerpiece for a very special dinner party. I imagined a specially constructed glass table, with a platform underneath. I imagined being bound, naked, on that platform, while my Master entertained his friends at a dinner party. They were all laughing and chatting, while I lied silently beneath. Occasionally hands would reach under the table to pass me tidbits of food, let me lick wine off their fingers, pinch my nipples or my pussy lips, or stroke me until I squirmed and moaned.

It was a lovely fantasy, and I played with it in my head for a long time. By this time I was beginning to get a little uncomfortable, and as I shifted my position, I realized how open I was. My legs were bent at the knees, and tied to the table by straps around my thighs, leaving my cunt wide open. The size of the table meant it would be difficult for a person to get in there, but in my fantasy wanderings I imagined a family dog or cat wandering by for a sniff or a lick, and me helpless, unable to do anything about it. I imagined my Master laughing as I protested, amused at my helplessness and humiliation.

By this time my body was starting to get a little sore, and truth be told, I was getting a little bored. I opened my eyes and looked up through the glass at my Master, watching him working intently away, enjoying the opportunity to just watch him. I was fidgeting more now, trying to stretch out tense muscles, and just as I started to reach the point where I thought I might have to say something, he untied me and let me get out from under the table. And then I got to tell him all about what I had thought when I was there, under glass.


  1. That was sooo hot. i used to have a glass table. i was never once tied up under it! Hmph.

    Nice post Lyn!

  2. Thanks, Brooke!

  3. What a nice, nice way to be exhibited. W/we have a glass table… i am thinking naughty thoughts… lol.

  4. kittykat – After that experience, I’ll never again be able to look at a glass table without thinking naughty thoughts!

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