Expressions of Love

July 13, 2007

My Master and I have loved each other very much these last few years, but it’s nothing compared to the love we share now that we are owner and slave. It’s so strong it’s almost impossible to describe in words, although different for each of us – his burning, commanding and fierce, and mine a quiet upswelling of love that threatens to overflow me.

Yesterday brought an email with a beautiful gift from my Master, that made me smile and smile, and laugh a little too, at the sweetly geeky intellectualness of it all.

I want to run into you like fresh seawater crashing into a tidepool, filling all the corners of you with the essence of me. I want to seep inside you, like oxygen or sugar. I want you to carry me with you as part of you. I want to rebuild your cells out of me, your mitochondria, your endoplasmic reticulum. You would still be you, but a new you, built partly out of me.

It still makes me smile today.

I love you, sir. Always and forever, utterly and completely.


  1. i hope you don’t mind, but i copied and pasted this on my Master’s private journal. It was so beautiful and i had just spent Lord knows how long trying to explain the love you two share to Him. This was the perfect way to simply show Him.

    You touch my heart (both of you do).

    Sniff, sniff. That actually brought tears to my eyes.

  2. I don’t mind at all that you copied and pasted. I hope it helps him understand what you’re trying to explain.

    Of course, my Master and I are in a very different situation than you two, since we came at this through an existing romantic relationship.

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