Moments of submission

July 11, 2007

After dinner, and after dessert, Master had me lie on top of him naked on the couch. He was reaching across my body and lightly spanking my cunt, with his hand perfectly positioned so that his middle finger was hitting my clit with each tap. The gentle taps were very arousing, but with each slap he hit me a little harder, and soon my quiet moans of pleasure turned to little yelps. And then he’d switch back to gentle taps again, and the cycle would repeat itself.

tap, tap, slap, SLAP

A couple cycles into this, he said “Someday I’m going to spank you there with my belt, you know.” And he kept spanking me, and kept talking to me, and telling me that someday he was going to do it, and that before he did I was going to beg him for it.

tap, tap, slap, SLAP

The slaps escalated, and amidst my gasps and moans and yelps, a single word. “Please?”

“Please what, sub? What is it that you want?”

I hadn’t known what I wanted when I said that word, when I gasped out please. Please stop? Please keep going? Please all of the above? But the next thing I knew it the words were spilling out of my mouth and I really was begging him for it. “Please sir, please spank my cunt with your belt?”

“Someday, sub, but not today.”

That was a very profound moment of submission for me, because those words came on their own accord, directly from the center of my submission, completely bypassing my conscious mind. They, and the want and desire they embody, were just suddenly there, whole and complete. His want became my want, seamlessly, beautifully. And I got a hint of what it will be like when I get where he wants me to go, and I want it more than ever before.


  1. Mmmm…i LOVE those moments. You described it beautifully.

  2. Spanking the cunt with a belt is very powerful, as you will find.

  3. Roper – I’m sure you are right. I have found the hand spanking he is so very fond of to be very powerful, so I am sure this will be as well.

    It’s interesting, when he tells me something like this is going to happen, at first I dread it. But then, as time goes on, I start to want it very much.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is one of my very favorites – you really understand what goes on in a submissive’s head, and explain it so well.

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