July 7, 2007

On our recent visit, Master remarked to me that he loves to kiss me up against the wall. I love it too – the crush of his body, pressing into mine, the hard wall behind me, mirroring his hard cock against my pelvis. No retreat, no surrender, bound by a wall and the body of my Master as firmly as I am sometimes bound by chains and straps and ropes.

Wall kisses are never soft and tender. He catches me unaware, pushes me hard up against the wall, and thrusts his tongue deep into my mouth. I feel his teeth behind his lips as he presses them to mine, kissing me harder and harder. I feel his desire and his passion rise up, and then I feel those teeth again, this time biting my lip – hard – until I am whimpering from the pain. Sometimes wall kisses are fast, but sometimes they go on and on, until my knees threaten to give out from the combined onslaught of pain, pleasure and the overwhelming presence of him. And then I am thankful to the hard wall behind me, for supporting me in my submission to my Master.


  1. i just commented on another blog about how much i love being forced up against a wall. YUM! Another great post!

  2. Thanks! I think that Master is going to let me start reading D/s blogs again pretty soon, so then I’ll be able to comment on your posts and tel you how much I like them!

  3. Oh you are being restricted??? Yuck. i hate that. i can look at blogs, but not porn (for now). Although He thinks my new friends are a distraction and some a bad influence and He is threatening to delete my (really His) blog. i hope He doesn’t. i laugh to myself when He protects me like an innocent…i mean, He corrupts me WAY more than anyone i meet online.

  4. With me, he’s concerned that when I read other D/s blogs I start making comparisons and getting all “spinny” in head. Which is true. And since my submission is so new for me, he wanted me to get more secure in it without those distractions.

    But he said he’d slowly start reallowing them this week. Of course, that was before I was a very bad sub last night (had an orgasm that I shouldn’t have), so who knows now.

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