Fantasy: Marked

June 18, 2007

I am lying face up on the bed, spread eagle, bound at the ankles and wrists. My pussy is bright red from being slapped, and my cunt glistens and drips with my pussy juice. My inner thighs are bright red too, from repeated hits from the riding crop. Across my stomach, thin red stripes from the little red flogger. And on my breasts, deep purple-red bite marks. You are kneeling over me, and fucking my mouth with your cock. I fight my gag reflex and open for you, letting you slide down my throat as best I can. From time to time your cock cuts off my air flow, but I don’t panic. Instead, I embrace the sensation of being so completely in your hands. I use my tongue as best I can to stimulate your cock, and soon I can tell from your groans and thrusts that you are about to come. But you don’t come in my mouth. Instead, you pull out and your come spurts onto my face and chest, marking me as yours as much as the welts and bruises on my body. “Thank you, sir, thank you,” I call out, from the haze brought on by the pain and the sensation of being completely possessed by my owner and master.

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