One Decision

June 8, 2007

> I said a few exchanges ago that you have exactly one decision to make:
> the decision to submit. Look for your center there. When this gets
> scary or confusing or impossible, return to that decision. When you
> find yourself worrying about other decisions, return to that one decision.
> Make it again. Repeat it to yourself, whisper it quietly, shout it if
> you can, write it down. That one decision can wash away the need for
> the others if you let it.
> You are my good little girl. You are my sub. You are my property. You
> have given yourself to me.
> I am your master and your owner. I control you. Take a deep breath and
> rejoice in that feeling. It’s a feeling you crave; it’s a feeling that
> makes you whole. Tell me these things. Tell me you love me.

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