Interactive Fantasy

June 5, 2007

>> Today, as I nodded at a man in the hallway, I was wondering about
>> going out to a bar, and seeing if anyone tried to pick me up.

> Depends, in part, on how hot you dress.

>> Indeed. And what kind of bar I went to. I never did the whole bar
>> scene in college, so I have zero experience with that whole mating
>> ritual.

> Maybe someday I’ll dress you up, take you out to a bar, and see whose
> interested in you. I could dress you in a short skirt, an open blouse,
> and heels; perch you on a barstool with an empty drink in front of you;
> and wait for men to take the bait. I’d be sitting across the room,
> watching.

>> Well, that’s all rather hot fantasy material. My fear, of course,
>> would be that it wouldn’t work, and no one would take the bait.

> Of course someone would. These are men, after all. You might even
> have instructions to take the first person who bought you a drink out
> to the back and suck him off.

>> Okay, that’s very hot to imagine, but I don’t know if I could really
>> do that. And even supposing I did/would, couldn’t I be pickier?
>> Would I have to take the first guy?

> You’d have to do what you were told. And if I told you to take the
> first guy, that’s what you would have to do. Or maybe they would have
> to come to me to ask permission.

>> Seems like that might be a turnoff for the guy.

> Maybe. You’ll just have to go out back with the first one, then.

>> How about if we go sit down somewhere and I give him a handjob
>> under the table?

> That would be hot, too. My way is sluttier, though.

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