The Rules

May 20, 2007

About a month after we first began, my master gave me a set of rules to govern my submission to him. I appreciated that he had given them so much time and attention, but was very happy when I got them – it made being a good sub so much easier, since I knew what was expected of me. (What’s below is actually version 2 of the rules, which I got from him on July 31, 2007.)

1. I own your sexuality, and I want to know everything that happens to it. I want to know about everything: every sexual thought, every sexual deed. In detail. Everything. This includes things about yourself, things about others, comments in your blog, websites you visit — everything.

2. I own your dress. I expect you to dress for me, within the limits of your day’s activities and schedule. Sometimes this might mean a small token, sometimes it might mean a lot. Always it means consideration. I expect you to treat this ritual with reverence, especially regarding the clothes I have purchased for you. They are mine just as you are. When you write to me about this in the morning, tell me why you have chosen what you have chosen. When we’re together, I will dress you as I please.

3. I own your orgasms. You are never to masturbate or come without permission. (Unless [spouse] initiates sex.) If you are to masturbate or come, you will receive instructions to that effect. If you don’t receive any instructions — either because I don’t send them to you or there is an e-mail issue — you are not allowed to masturbate. Whenever you masturbate, you are to do so in a way that is pleasing to me. You are to write to me about it every morning. If you cannot find time to perform — for domestic reasons — I expect you to tell me that, too.

4. If you cannot write to me about these things first thing in the morning, I expect a short e-mail telling me when I can expect your writings. Or an even shorter SMS.

5. Every night you are to spend some time on your knees thinking about my ownership of you. You are to write about it in the morning when you write about your masturbation. Again, if you cannot find the time for domestic reasons, tell me.

6. You are to carry your smart balls and your anal plug with you at all times, within practical limits. If you don’t have them, I expect a good explanation. I suggest you buy a second pair, so one is always in your purse.

7. When you receive instructions via e-mail or SMS, you are to carry them out immediately, given the reality of your day. I expect to hear details when you are done, and an explanation of when you can do them if you cannot.

8. You are to practice in your highest heels regularly. You should expect to have to walk in them when we’re together, and I expect you to walk properly and gracefully.

9. It’s hard for me to know you when we’re apart, so I expect you to communicate more. When you feel particularly owned, or submissive, or sexual, or loved, tell me. If you’re not on e-mail, an SMS will suffice. The tone of your e-mails are to reflect your status.

10. When we are together, I own you completely and totally. I control everything about you. You are my slut, my slave, and anything else I want you to be. You will do everything I ask without question or hesitation, both in private and in public. I don’t yet know what form this ownership and control will take, but it is mine to decide.


  1. These are nice. i have to carry a plug in my purse too (blush). i suggest a small make-up bag to keep things such as this in (i keep the bag in my purse) so that if someone opens your purse there is not a big TA DA type revelation. Smile. Isn’t being owned such fun???

  2. I am very much enjoying being owned. Right now I have 2 plugs and the smart balls in my purse. They’re tucked into a zippered compartment, so pretty discreet. But I need to get a bigger purse, as they are taking up a LOT of space in there. (And he hasn’t even given me the large one yet. *gulp*)

  3. Do you think all subs carry plugs etc in the bag, i have nipple clamps and a plug, and a wooden hairbrush so i am prepared for all instructions. LOL, as brooke, says, it is so much fun!!!!!!!!

    BTW, as you can see, i found your rules

  4. katie – probably we’re all carrying something around. We should start a “show us the sex toys in your bag” picture meme, and see what fun stuff everyone has.

    My Master read your comment and was reminded that he wants us to get a wooden hairbrush. I don’t know if I should thank you or curse you for the reminder!

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