My sub type

May 20, 2007

We were having a conversation inspired by the Seven Types of Submissive post on Confessions of an English Gentleman, and my owner asked me which category I fell into. None of them really fit, so he asked me to write up a paragraph that would describe me.

A sub lyn wants to learn how best to please her dominant, sexually, physically, and emotionally. She doesn’t necessarily get inherent pleasure out of pain and degradation type things, but they act for her as evidence of ownership, and help prove to both her and her dom that she is learning and performing well. As does performing various rituals, such as the daily clothes description. She wants to be able to release her inhibitions and control in an environment where she feels completely safe, and finds it very psychologically satisfying to be able to do that for and with her dominant. She likes it when her dominant expresses his satisfaction with her, likes knowing that she’s made him happy, likes it when he treats her like a cherished pet, holding her and caressing her and spoiling her a bit.

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